Why Do The Kids Feel Comfortable To Follow The Routine

There are many parents who visit the Montessori Fullerton, CA complain that their kids go cranky when they are diverted from their daily routine. From time to time, they show many tantrums when they are not getting something in the usual way. For example, in case the father makes the hot cocoa during the bedtime instead of mother, many children refuse to accept that and start crying. They even don’t like the rearrangements of the household items or décor at the home. The parents think this habit as the random acts of toddlers’ madness.

However, there are many reasons that are responsible for this rigidity of the children. It is something like upsetting their ‘need for order’.

What does the term sensitive period for order stand for?
Maria Montessori, the inventor of the Montessori way of teaching observed little kids and identified several periods as identified as the sensitive period. During these times, the child shows a strong desire to learn new things.

From birth to toddlerhood, children like repetition, order, and routine. Although it is almost common among all children, some of them feel a strong need for order than others. They like things predictable and when they don’t get that, they lose it.

When they go to the Montessori Fullerton, CA, they prefer to sit in the same chair. It is very important for mealtime as well. If they have milk in breakfast, they must have it under any circumstances.

Does that mean you have to obey every whim and desire of your toddlers? Certainly not! Here are the best tips to deal with the sensitive period of order.

  • It is better to stay predictable for them as much as possible. You may find it boring but for them, it is comforting. It is a way to give him assurance that the world is stable. The little routine in your everyday life will help the kids to follow discipline in later. When they get everything according to their need of order, they will develop a sense of security as well.
  • Although the children are known as being messy, they can be quite tidy when staying under the right condition. They like to allot space for every little thing they have as they do every day in the Preschool Whittier, CA. Complicated organization system for toys is not for them. When they are overwhelmed, they prefer to keep everything around. If you have a toy shelf that you have decorated yourself; perhaps you kid can rearrange it according to his wish.
  • In case you find any trace of meltdown or panic among the children, then you have to find out whether any change of routine is upsetting them. For example, her favorite pink mug is in dish wash while serving the breakfast. In those scenarios, you have to identify the cause and empathy them without overlooking.
  • They may feel helpless when something comes out of the order and start to meltdown. The best thing you can do is to offer them choices that will raise the sense of control. It is the basic rule that every Preschool Whittier, CA follows to control the kids and start a logical discussion.