Which foods are bad for your child’s dental health?

The dental health of the kids is the priority of most parents. So you must consider that some foods are good for oral health and some are not. At this starting age, kids are busy learning how to keep their teeth clean with brushing. As parents, you must take care of their diet for good dental health. Poor oral health may cause gum disease in the future, or maybe they will face some critical oral health problems.

In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of which foods are not healthy for kids’ dental health.

Have a look:

Hard candies

Sucker candies, peppermints, and even large amounts of cough drops can harm your child's teeth. These things have high sugar, and maybe you have noticed that they get stuck in the tooth cavity.

Citrus food

Sour fruits and juices have a high amount of acid, which is bad for the enamel. Maybe you know that lemons and oranges are acidic. Somehow orange can be the safest fruit because it contains the least acid. To ensure that the child will eat these fruits moderately. Offer them the straw while drinking citrus juices it helps to drink without any contact with teeth.

Crackers and chips

It is not just the sugar amount Chips and crackers are full of carbohydrates. All credit goes to enzymes in saliva, and like gummies, they can stick in your child's teeth for long periods. It is recommended to brush after chowing down on your little munchkin's favorite chips.

Never give a bottle for bedtime

Don’t offer a bottle of milk, any other juice, or soda, during bedtime. If your baby doesn’t sleep without a bottle at bedtime, you can fill it with plain water.

Carbonated drinks

Many children enjoy carbonated beverages; however, these beverages are not good for the health of their teeth. These beverages contain acid that erodes the enamel layer, and also soft drinks or sodas contain a large amount of sugar.


We know that this is a very healthy snack made of whole grain corn, but still, these are not good for dental health. They get stuck under the lining of the gum and create havoc in the form of gum infections. It is recommended that you brush your teeth after having popcorn.


The list does not end here, but these are some foods you should avoid giving your child. Also, ask them to not eat unhealthy foods. Tell them it will increase cavities and gum disease. Dental health is just one part of what you need to do a lot for your kids. That is why most people choose Montessori or preschool for their kids. If you are one of them and looking for Montessori Fullerton CA or Preschool Fullerton CA, we can be a better option for you.