What you Should Know as The Parents of Montessori School

Do you know the Montessori way of teaching was developed a century ago? In Italy, the first female physician was Dr. Maria Montessori who was very keen about the development of the children. She observed the children closely and felt for the requirement of a special education system that would cope up with them naturally. As a result, she came up with this outstanding method of teaching along with creating an environment where the kids can grow to their full strength.

As the parent, when you are in the process of selecting the Montessori Whittier CA for your kid, you should be aware of the following features of this special method.

  • Individual learning : The basic concept of Montessori learning is that every child is unique and gifted with its milestone. In the classroom, the child is only introduced to a new concept when he/she shows the readiness as well as interest for that. It is the responsibility of the teacher to recognize the interest and ability and show them the new concept rather than the age-based standard.
  • Interactive learning : Instead of the memorizing the math facts, this method of learning has introduced special sets of toys and tools for the children. The use of blocks, wooden toys and movable objects are designed such a way that the kids will grow the interest in reading and writing on their own. Instead of sitting and listening to the teachers, the children can learn better through play, game, songs or dances.
  • Mix age classroom : Another important feature that you will never see in any other method is a mix-age classroom. In Montessori, you can see classes with a mixed age group along with mix skill level. This method is developed to encourage the little kids to learn by observing older peers. The older one will develop leadership skill and caring attitude towards the younger clan. It will help them to grow a sense of responsibilities.
  • Blending Freedom with Limit : It is the exclusiveness of the Montessori teaching method that they introduce the child with a broad curriculum and on the other hand give them the freedom so that they can pursue their respective interests. In this way, they learn to make a responsible choice. This method was designed to make the children independent learner, free thinker, self-motivated and academic enthusiastic.
  • Learning Through Activities : Instead of solving worksheets, the children will learn by the hands-on experience. The learning materials like blocks and toys are designed to help the kids to understand basic concepts like color, size, numbers and alphabets.
  • Comfortable Environment : It was the basic idea of Maria Montessori to give the children the environment where they can grow independently as well as comfortably. In order to do so, the size of the furniture and the interior decoration of the classroom are designed for the kids only. The teachers always sit down to their eye level so that they can have the conversation easily. There are colorful and interesting artworks on the class in the Montessori Whittier CA that will depict the exciting inner self of the children.