Tips To Ace That Parent Interview At The Preschool Of Your Choice

In today’s world, you must put your child in the best Montessori La Habra CA so that he or she can have a great start to their academic journey. Now any good school will have a parent interview before they think about admitting your child. Many first-time parents get nervous and if you are one, here are some tips that can help you out.

  • Learn about the core value of the preschool Whittier CA you have selected. Each school has its own set of values and goal and the school expects that you chose them because your value matches them. If you can bring up during the interview process on how their principles go well with yours during the interview process, your chance of getting admission increases. That being said, don't fake the interest. Genuinely read about the school's principles and goals before selecting them. Don’t choose a place just because it is recommended by everyone if their core teaching values and principles are not what you are looking for.
  • Any kind of questions can be asked so prepare well through mock interviews at home. Most questions will be related to your child or your parenting style. Some questions that may be asked are like "What is the happiest moment with your child" or "What kind of parenting philosophy you follow" or something like "Describe your child in one word". Be honest with these answers but prepare a little beforehand. That way you won't stammer or think for long during the interview process.
  • Be clear about what your expectations are from the school. One of the most common questions you may be asked during your Montessori La Habra CA parent interview is "What do you expect us to do to improve your child".
  • Another set of questions that parents are often asked during such an interview is how much time they spend with their children. If both the parent is working, the school may enquire about who will look after the child after school or if there is a support system. Be honest about these types of questions and don't try to hide anything.
  • The school will also expect that you have some questions from them. So, prepare a list of questions you want to ask them before. Some common questions they expect from you include what your child's daily routine will be in the school or what is their anti-bullying policy and what kind of educational system they will be offering. When you ask such questions, the interviewer feels that you are genuinely interested in admitting your child in their preferable Preschool.
  • And lastly, be cautious and mind your manners. Don’t look at the mobile or take that call from the office during the interview no matter how urgent that is. Don’t forget to thank the interviewer when you are leaving. And most importantly, don’t be late for the interview! If you can’t make it on time for some reason, let them know beforehand through phone calls or email.