Tips On Dressing Your Kids During Winter For Preschool

Children and winterwear often don’t go together. No matter how well you bundle, something or other comes off at the end of the day. With winter nearly here, and if it is your first year sending your child to preschool Whittier CA, then here are some tips on how to dress your child for the winters:

  • Depending on where you live, it is always better that you keep a not so expensive jacket in your child’s childcare La Habra CA chubby hole. That way, he doesn’t have to carry one when the morning is not that cold. And if it suddenly turns chilly, he can wear it outside or while returning home.
  • Keeping to the same theme, pack a dry bag for your child. It should include a mitten, pants, socks and shirt. This is vital because your child will gravitate towards snow and puddle and get himself wet. If there is no provision to keep such a set in the classroom, keep one in your car so that you can change your child fast after discharge from classroom.
  • Layering is the key to winter dressing for your pre-schooler. Start the base layer made of merino wool as it has good absorbent quality and still not get wet. Cotton is a no-no as it will retain the moisture and make your child sick. The fitting of this layer should be snug.
  • The second layer should be of wool. The thickness of it will depend on how cold your winters are. It should not be snug and make it easier for your child to move around. And children at this age grow fast; so last year’s woollen may not fit him properly this year. So, go shopping before winter season starts and buy clothes as needed.
  • The last layer should be waterproof. And it should be of a fit that allows the inside layers and still be roomy enough for the child to move around.
  • But don’t go overboard with the layering; too much of it can harm your child than help him. excess layers can make your child sweaty, which in turn can make him cold.
  • Your child in preschool Whittier CA will love to remove the mittens whenever possible. To make it more difficult for him (and keep him warm) choose ones that go up to the elbow. Such mittens will be difficult to remove. If you can’t find one, a quick DIY will be cut holes on your knee socks for the fingers and pull it over the mittens to keep them in place.
  • The next item of clothing which will frequently be taken off by your pre-schooler at childcare La Habra CA is the hat. So, go for one which that are harder to take off like Balaclavas that not only cover the face but also the neck. Also, go for hats that have Velcro strip to tie below the neck rather than strings which can be a health hazard sometimes.
So, let your child’s first winter in his playschool be a magical time; just bundle him right and see him have fun.