Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler

For many mothers, doing effective discipline becomes difficult. Some people think of punishing their toddlers but that is not the correct way to teach discipline to your kid. Daycare Brea CA states that there are some proper ways in which you can teach your toddler how to behave.

  • Pick your battles - Always saying no to your kid will make them arrogant instead of well behaved. The caregivers teach the toddlers about the limitations of life and how to behave properly. Provide them only what is necessary and do not let them go beyond their demands.
  • Know your child's triggers - Some misbehaviors are preventable. As long as you can anticipate what is going to spark, you can prepare in advances such as removing temptations and tangibles. If your toddler is prone to picking up cans while shopping in the grocery store, then bring toys so that they can play with it. If your toddler is unable to share the toys with their other pals, then remove him from the play area. This will help in the upbringing of your toddler and help them learn to behave properly.
  • The show, tell, and set limits - The caregivers at Daycare Brea CA teach the toddlers right from wrong with proper actions and words. Model the behaviors you would like to see in your kid. Always set consistent and clear rules that your children can follow. Make sure to teach them these rules in age-appropriate terms so that they can easily understand.
  • Give Consequences - Firmly and calmly explain the consequences of a matter to your toddler if they don't understand. Always be prepared to follow in the right way. For example, tell your toddler that if they do not pick up their toys, you will put them up for the rest of the day. Do not influence them by giving them their toys after some time. Always keep in mind that never take away something that your toddler truly needs like a meal.
  • Hear them out and giving them proper attention - Listening and sharing the problems of your kid is very important. Always listen to their entire story before trying to solve them out. Watch for some time if their misbehavior has a pattern, like getting jealous. Make sure to talk with your toddler about their problems instead of solving them every time. The most important tool for teaching your kid effective discipline is giving them attention. This helps them to discourage others as well as reinforce good behaviors. Remember that all kids want their parents' attention.
  • Know when not to respond - As long as your child is not doing something that is dangerous and gets enough attention for behaving well, ignoring the bad behaviors is an effective way of minimizing it. The caregivers of the playschools and daycares ignores the bad behaviors of the toddlers that help them to learn the consequences of their actions.
  • Be prepared for trouble - Plan out in advance for the situations when you think that your toddler might have trouble behaving. Prepare them for the upcoming activities and let them know how you want your toddler to behave.