Summer Skincare Tips For The Kids

Summertime means fun time. Summer is one of the most favorite seasons of children because there is so much outdoor fun during this time of the season. A day on the beach or hanging around in the countryside is some common enjoyment during summertime. Moreover, some sun exposure is essential to get the natural dose of Vitamin D.

However, Teachers of a preschool at Brea, CA, remind us that, while we enjoy the outdoors we need to make sun protection an essential part of our daily parenting routine. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the soft and sensitive skin of children and increase the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, preschool experts discourage parents to keep their children in the harsh sunlight for a long period. Exposure to the sun for a long time not only causes skin damage, but side by side will also dehydrate the children. So, they advise the parent to avoid the noontime when the sun shines most strongly for outdoor activity.

At a parents-teacher meeting at preschool at Brea CA, parents are given some useful tips by the dermatologist to take proper care of the skin of their children during summer.

  • Parents are advised to apply a good amount of sunscreen with SPF 30 on children especially on the skin which remains exposed. Children’s sunscreen lotions are quite different from those of adults. So while buying the sunscreen, be sure that the product is made especially for the children.
  • Keep your children covered with full-sleeved garments. Cotton clothing is preferred in the summer because being a natural fiber it absorbs all sweat and allows air circulation inside the garments. Avoid polyester or other synthetic garments because they do not absorb sweat. Besides, when the sweat starts to accumulate on the skin, it creates various skin rashes like prickly heat.
  • Change garments frequently. Sprinkle talcum powder before changing garments. But be sure that this talcum powder does not accumulate on the skin and close the skin pores. Tell your children to wash powder properly with mild soap every time they take bath.
  • Pediatricians say that taking bath at least twice a daily is a must. It helps a lot to remove heat from the body of the children.
  • Preschool caregivers also emphasize an ideal diet for children comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fluid. Diet helps a lot to keep skin in proper condition.