Some Fun Warm-Up Exercises For Kids

Being healthy starts at home. It is an opinion of a preschool caregiver in Brea CA. according to him, parents should be the role model of children to stay healthy. A slower gentle version of the same sport or activity they are about to play is always a good option, such as brisk walking or jogging to warm up for running.

In today’s world, with excessive pollution and unhealthy eating habits, staying fit is a requirement for everyone. A pediatrician in a Preschool, Brea CA, tells that body of a child is still evolving and unlike an adult, it is still developing. Some simple measures at home may keep them warm-up and active at home. For example, use a staircase instead of an elevator to go upstairs and downstairs. Teach them the importance of staying fit from a very early age.

It is mandatory for parents to take preschool children to the parks and playground to get them indulged in different types of physical activities. Make physical activities fun for your children by getting them interested in activities. A physical instructor in a school in Brea CA, tells that kids should start their physical activity routine with a warm-up and exercise. It keeps their body supple and makes their muscle ready for more serious exercises by pumping in more blood to their muscles. It helps muscle a lot from getting cramped.

According to a US school game instructor, before the children get involved in sports, kids should follow a simple warm-up routine to make their bodies ready for sports. The best warm-up exercises for kids are easy to do, fun, and easy to teach. It has been seen children who practice warm-up exercises regularly, do good when they actively participate in the actual sport. So a good warm-up both prevents injury and help in improved performance. Before you motivate your children in proper exercises be sure that you give them a pair of shoes and proper dress for exercise. The warm-up uniform should be made in that material that is stretchable as well as absorbs sweat. Do not hesitate to buy a pair of the best exercise shoes for your kids as they play a vital role to spread out the weight and pressure, hence saving knees, ankles, and other joints. Small kids do not understand the importance of exercise, so caregivers, as well as parents, have to add some fun to their exercise. Here are some warm-up exercises that create fun and beneficence.

Dancing is a great warm-up and most small children like that. Let kids do their movements on the music they love and make it a pre-game ritual.

‘High knees’ are a great warm-up. Tell them to raise their knees in the air as they walk. Intensify the warmup by increasing the arm movement, such as touching the hands or elbows, or speeding up the jogging.

Red-light, green light is a simple fun game that helps in the warm-up. Make the kids stand in a row. One parent can be the instructor. The parent will say loudly ‘green light’, kids will start to walk very fast. When he will say ‘yellow light kids will slow the pace and with the word ‘red light’ kids will stop totally.