Some Fabulous Playdate Activities for Kids

Playdates provide an awesome opportunity for your kids to develop their social and communication skills and make new friends. In fact, you can also make new friends with other mommies. Kids love to play and parents love to watch the little ones having fun with their friends. But sometimes arranging a safe and fun environment for the kids to play can become a daunting task. To make sure kids are creatively engaged and having fun, you have to think of some activities or games that kids can do or play on their playdate. If you are hosting a playdate for the first time and clueless about the activities, going through this blog post is highly recommended for you. Here Preschool teachers have shared some awesome playdate activities for kids. So, go ahead and pick whichever you like.

Ideal Playdate Activities for Kids :

Playdates would provide you the opportunity to introduce exciting or new activities to your child. Check out here some of the favorite ideas below or use them to inspire a unique idea of your own.

Exploring the Nature : If the weather permits, take the kids out for a walk in the nearby park or your backyard garden and let them explore the place using their senses. Before taking them out you should set up clear expectations and provide them with the necessary resources like a small notebook and a pencil. They can note down their observations in the notebook and after coming home they will share the same with others. According to the La Mirada CA, playschool teachers this activity would help kids to develop their observation and note-making skills.

Craft Time : As long as you are ok with a little mess, craft time would be a reliable source of playdate fun, no matter what the age of the kids you are hosting. Give them some basic craft resources using which they can transform paper plates into animal masks or make toilet paper roll flowers or make cards using paints. Kids would love to create something new out of the given materials and this craft time would enhance their imagination and creativity.

Draw and Erase : Pulling out the scratch paper and washable markers is a great way to keep the toddlers amused for a little while. You can provide them with unusual and surprising drawing surfaces like an unbreakable mirror and they can scribble on it with dry-erase markers. With some paper towels in their hand, they can draw and erase multiple times.

Reading Corner : Preschool teachers always suggest parents set up a reading corner where kids can sit for some time and read their favorite books. They can even discuss the characters, setting, and plot of the stories. This playdate activity would definitely facilitate them to strengthen their reading and communication skills.

These are some of the tried and tested playdate activity ideas for kids. You can set up all these activity corners or pick up any 2 or think of some other activities depending on the age of the kids you are hosting.