Snow-Plow parenting and its signs

The dream of all parents is to see their children, who have just started their days in Day-care Fullerton CA, happy in their personal and professional life. They can do every possible thing to make sure that their children become successful, but at a certain level, their actions can harm the child's life. Many parents like to control their children’s life instead of encouraging them to be independent in deciding what they want to do and how. This controlling might continue even after the child has established himself as a professional.

What is Snowplow Parenting?

Snowplow parenting is the newest embodiment of a hypersensitive parenting style that involves removing problems and obstacles from the children’s path. Instead of teaching them to be independent and develop certain skills to solve their problems, parents try to control each and everything in their children's life. This causes older children to be irresponsible, making it difficult and hard for them to face the world once they grow up. For many things, they depend on their parents and always feel a lack of confidence in communicating, making decisions, solving problems, and dealing with tough situations.

According to our teachers, there is a fine difference between snowplow parents and helicopter parents. For instance, while helicopter parents constantly watch their children doing their homework and make sure it is done to perfection; a snowplow parent will take the thing one step further and do the child's homework for them. What are the signs of a Snowplow parent?

There are some common characteristics of a Snowplow parent. They are as follows:

  • This type of parent may try to micromanage their children's diet and education. They want to decide what kids will eat or which classes kids will go without considering their likings and disliking.
  • Snowplowers blame others like school and teachers; when things go wrong and cannot accept anything less than the first place for their children.
  • They write diary notes to the child’s teacher to excuse him from his homework if they do not like the approach.
  • Snowplow parents would like to fund their children’s expenses even if they are professionally settled.
  • Most of the time, they do all the home assignments and project work by themselves on behalf of their children.
  • Day-care Fullerton CA teachers have seen many college-going students depend on their parents for doing their chores. They find doing all these boring and want their parents to do everything for them.
  • Like a snowplow clearing the snow off the street, if you are also removing all the obstacles from your child's way then you are a snowplow parent.
This generation of parents –whether we want to call them snowplow or helicopter or lawnmower –is parenting in an age of anxiety and stress. There is always something or the other in the news channels or social media reminding parents of everything terrible that is happening in the world. And media has played a major roll in making parents believe that these new age children are in peril all the time, with danger approaching from all the sides. So, parents naturally become overprotective about their little ones and then the world tags them as snowplow patents.