Why you should not use negative words in front of kids?

This is important for the children to develop a secure and healthy childhood in terms of physical and mental health to sustain the optimal upbringing for being a healthy individual. So, in this case, parents and mentors have to ensure the children receive the same kind of treatment.

Since parents spend most of the time with their children and the kids mostly tend to follow the elder ones to acquire skills, the parents must be aware of their actions. They might affect the behaviour of the children. One of the most undesirable behaviours of the parents in front of the kids is using negative words that lead the children to receive negative vibes and can affect their mind. So, Montessori Whittier CA explains why the negative words should be avoided in front of kids and the impact of using negative words in front of them as well.

Discouragement: The first reason to stop using negative words to kids because imposing negativity on them discourages them. So, they tend to quit at things earlier which they should not.

Confusion: When you ask a toddler or a pre-schooler to stop its activities negatively, it is much to ask them to do what they should do. It is because they are so little to acquire the knowledge and to act accordingly. So, negative words create confusion in them.

Here are some alternative ways to use positive words for some action without sating any type of negative words.

  • Do not run – Walk, please
  • Stop touching it– please keep your hands to yourself
  • Do not throw toys – Please keep your toys on the ground.
  • Stop interrupting me – if you want to talk to me, please wait one moment.
  • Leave him alone there – Come over here and play.
  • Don’t take out all your toys – Let’s clean up the toys you were playing with before taking anything else out.
  • Don’t hit – Only gentle touches, please.
  • Stop yelling – Quiet voice, please.
  • Calm down – Take a deep breath.
  • You’re doing bad listening – Look at my eyes, please. I need good listening
From the above discussion, this can be clear that using positive words in the language or telling what to do instead of what not to do clears up the whole idea to kids and eliminates confusion. If you want some experts’ suggestion regarding this, Montessori Whittier CA has their setups to guide you throughout the parenting period letting you know how to talk positively. It may take a long time but it is not impossible. Saying ‘no’ is easy but it is not good for the upbringing of your child to be surrounded with negative words.

If we consider seeing ourselves, we would notice that we avoid the people who introduce us to negative vibes because it affects our mindset. And, speaking of children, this is so obvious that it would leave a distressful impact on them and it would not be beneficial for their upbringing.