Newsletter October 2021

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October 2021
Primanti Montessori Academy
Dates to Remember:
Hello, Fall!
Back to School Picture Days
October 13 & 14 2021
We have just completed another great month of school! Our
students are happy to return to school, and they have adjusted
Annual Pumpkin Painting Week
to the new operating procedures we have undertaken. The
— October 25-28
progress of our current students thus far has been remarkable.
We have a busy academic schedule for this month and will
Halloween Parade — Friday,
explore the spirit of autumn and the harvest season through
various projects using fall colors, pumpkins, corn, and
October 29
scarecrows. Arts and crafts related to Halloween will surely fill
up the classroom walls.
Daylight Saving Time Ends
November 7
Picture Day - October 13 & 14
Annual Halloween Parade - October 29
Please join us for a safe and socially distant
We had a successful Back to School Picture Days on October
Halloween celebration. To avoid large
13 & 14. Town Photo offers a variety of beautiful portrait
gatherings that can contribute to the spread of
packages for your selection. Please follow the instructions
the coronavirus, we will have a virtual
given by Town Photo to order the pictures of your children.
celebration of the spooky holiday this year.
Don’t forget to register to access your child’s photos.
• Children may come in Halloween
Uniform Donations
costumes on the 29th and bring a set of
uniforms to change to after the celebration.
Yes, the children do grow up quickly! We encourage you to
• Children should wear masks (meant for
continue donating your gently used uniforms to us as we keep
COVID-19 contagion prevention) with
extra uniforms on hand for students who may need them.
their costumes.
Please drop by the office if you wish to pick up a uniform for
• In adherence to existing COVID-19
your child. Kindly remember that uniforms are mandatory for
protocols, we will not accommodate
all our students over two years of age.
parents and guests during the parade.
• We will take a video of each class during
the parade and share the videos on
• Students may each donate a bag of
individually wrapped candies to be shared
with the class. Individual goody bags are
• The school will provide a Trick or Treat
basket for each child.
Primanti Montessori Academy — 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA 90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Flu Season Is Here
Flu season is here! If children exhibit fever, sore
throat, diarrhea, vomiting, or congested cough,
they must stay home. Your child must be free of
any of the above symptoms for at least 24 hours
before returning to school. Children younger than
five years of age, especially those younger than
two years old, are at high risk of serious flu-
related complications. A flu vaccine offers the best
defense against getting flu illnesses that lead to
missed school days.
Please Like Us On Facebook
We are constantly updating our page with the activities of your
children to keep our parents connected. Follow us on Facebook at
“Primanti Montessori Academy” to see the exciting academic and
co-curricular activities at our school. Indeed, the school is always a
beehive of activities.
COVID-19 and the Flu
Influenza, commonly known as the flu, and
COVID-19 are both contagious illnesses. As
influenza season approaches, we must prepare
ourselves and understand the difference between
flu and COVID-19 symptoms. The two illnesses
share many symptoms and a COVID-19 test can
Are your children up to date with their immunizations? Please see
confirm infection.
the table below for the immunizations schools require according to
age and grade level.
Similar symptoms of COVID-19 and the Flu:
- Fever, feeling feverish, and/or chills
- Cough
- Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
- Fatigue (tiredness)
- Sore throat
- Runny or stuffy nose
- Muscle pain or body aches
- Headache
- Some people may experience vomiting or
diarrhea. However, this is more common in
Primanti Montessori Academy — 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA 90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Montessori at Home
A Request to the Parents On Wearing Masks
Many parents have asked how they may incorporate
All parents, guardians and any adults approaching the
Montessori at home. Getting the children involved with
and Sign-Out area MUST wear a mask, NO
chores, cleaning up, making the beds, or preparing meals,
are excellent ways to apply the practical life skills they learn
Our students are the most vulnerable as they are not
at school. The children love being independent and helping
vaccinated. Please protect our children, do it for their
with chores. They use science skills when they name the
safety. Thank you.
various fruits and vegetables served at home. Don’t be
surprised if your child tells you the parts of a fruit they are
eating or whether the plant is woody or herbaceous. It’s one
of the many botany lessons given in lower elementary.
Mask Donations
A big thank you to the Chandler family - Gabriel, Ailani,
and Carter, for donating two boxes of Old Navy child-
sized masks.
This donation is much appreciated during this time. Each
family may pick up one pack of masks at the office.
Please remember to label the masks that your child
wears to school.
Our parents have asked how they could further help their
children at school. Doing homework with the children is one
way to do this, as it gives the parents a perspective on their
child’s academic progress. Another way is reading with your
child. We have provided a list of suggested books for this
end. Parents may have their children read to them or help
the children read a favorite book. This routine is an
excellent way to develop a life-long love for reading.
Holiday List Update
Please see the next page for the updated Holiday List for
2021 - 2022.
November 11 - Veterans Day is a regular School
Since Christmas and New Year fall on a Saturday,
23-24 school will be closed in
observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
30-31 school will be closed in
observance of New Year's Eve and New Year's
Primanti Montessori Academy — 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA 90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

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