Never Offer Too Much To Your Child So That They Get Jealous

Jealousy is a kind of negative emotion that is seen in children when they lack love as well as attention from the close people around them. They feel the most when their parents or caregivers turn their attention to some other child. Most of the children are connected to their mother. So it is quite obvious that if the mother turns their attention to some other child, the child will feel jealous. Therefore, the caregivers at Child Care La Habra CA give extreme attention to the children so that none of them feels jealous. Jealousy can also lead to quarrels and conflicts among others.

Excess pampering

If too much pampering is offered to children, they can always feel alone as well as unconquered at home. When any other child comes into the family or someone more powerful, it makes the children feel insecure. The children might feel the friend or newborn as the cause of the insecurity. It might also lead to depression due to lack of attention and can lead to the development of inferior complexes in the future.

Overprotecting the children

Overprotecting children for a long time and then when released suddenly when they grow up can cause problems. It shows that the child is all of a sudden released into the wilderness. This can lead to the child being shy, timid as well as reserved and can become jealous when they see a confident and playful child around them.

Over-controlled parenting

Over-controlling is a great mistake that the parents make while parenting the child. It highly increases the chance of the child being jealous. Setting up strict regulations and rules for the children without saying them the cause for it can create great problems in the future. It makes the children feel less worthy and grows with minimal self-confidence than their pals or siblings.

Some common signs of jealousy

There are some signs that the children show which depicts jealousy in them.

  • False complaints about their friends.
  • Feel threatened.
  • Anxiety and anger.
  • Hyper-vigilant and insecure feelings.
  • Oversensitive as well as possessive behavior.
  • Bully others.
  • Misunderstand the intention of others.
Comparing with friends and creating unhealthy competitions

A major mistake that the parents make is to compare their children with others. Comparison can greatly lead to rivalry, lack of self-confidence as well as jealousy. Making the children perform the same activities like that of their friends and comparing the results can greatly affect the mind of the children. One child might be more talented than the other but comparing their activities can greatly lead to jealousy. The caregivers at Child Care La Habra CA provide equal attention as well as do the same activity with all the children to make them feel less jealous.

Order of birth

Sometimes, the mother and father pay more attention to the child depending on the birth order. The elder sibling might be jealous of their newborn brother or sister seeing that they get more attention from the parents. Thus the parents must keep in mind that they provide equal attention to their children.