How to teach problem solving skills to your kids

Kids of all ages face problems and challenges daily. Parents and teachers will not be always there to solve they are problems be it related to a toy or a tough math problem or peer pressure at school. Adults need to make sure that they provide enough opportunities for children to develop their problem-solving skills. This is one of the most important 21st-century life skills which will enable kids to become confident, independent and successful human beings. According to the teachers of Preschool Hacienda Heights CA, kids with problem-solving skills can manage their emotions, think creatively and persist until they find a solution. Disabilities go hand in hand with a growth mindset.

Tips teach problem-solving skills:
Understanding the problem:

If you notice your kids have become silent and a bit aloof and think they are dealing with some problems, talk to them and try to understand what is bothering them. It may be a bully in school or low grades or some friendship issues. A positive conversation with kids about the topic may help them deal with the problem confidently.

Help them find a suitable solution:

While discussing the problem you can ask your kids about the possible solutions to the problem. Initially, they may come up with some funny or impractical solutions. In such cases, you need to appreciate their efforts and then find positive solutions that may help them deleting the problem.

No helicopter parenting:

Preschool Hacienda Heights CA teachers suggest parents not to hover over children’s life always. It is important to be a part of their life, but sometimes it is ok to let them deal with their problems in their own way. Give them the freedom to figure out a solution to solve their problem.

Understanding the consequences of a solution:

As a responsible parent, you should help your kids to understand the possible consequences of a solution and motivate them to make an informed decision. This will help them to take responsibility for their decision.

Making the right choice:

Sometimes, even after knowing the pros and cons of their actions, they may come up with impractical solutions. In such cases, you need to step up and help them to make the right decision.

Many solutions for one problem:

You need to make your kids understand that there can be many solutions to one problem. If one solution does not work for a problem, Preschool Hacienda Heights CA teachers encourage their students to try other solutions.

Be a role model:

If children see their parents having a positive approach to the problems, they will also learn to deal with their problems in an optimistic and less stressful way. You can create a family problem-solving culture at home, where family members can come and discuss their problems with the rest of the house and try to find viable solutions.

Playing games:

There are many games available in the market to teach problem-solving skills to children. For example, playing with blocks help children to apply their problem-solving skills.
Moreover, you need to teach your children that sometimes it is ok to fail as the inability to accept failure may affect your child’s ability to understand his problems and work towards finding solutions in a better way.