How to teach personal hygiene to your pre-schooler

Good personal hygiene is important and if children can learn it at an early age it will be of great help for them to lead a healthy life. No one would like their children to be untidy and smelly. But for toddlers, personal hygiene may seem like a hassle. They never understand the importance of brushing their teeth regularly and properly and taking a bath as well. So, Montessori Hacienda Heights CA teachers suggest parents introduce their little ones to the world of cleanliness and hygiene as soon as they start understanding things. To help you out they have shared some ways to teach your children about personal hygiene and make the journey easy for them.

Start from the essentials:

Washing hands properly is perhaps the most important and basic hygienic action that can be taught to those little ones. Initially, you can make them wash their hands several times during the day. You can also sing some hand washing songs to make the activity enjoyable for them. Make sure they are washing their hands before and after their meals, after using the washroom or any outdoor activity.

Turn bath time into fun time:

Most of the children love water and bathing is one of their favorite activities. While taking a bath, please teach them to clean their body parts with soap and can have some fun with the soap bubbles. If you can make their bath time fun and enjoyable, they will never consider bathing as a hassle.

Become a role model:

Kids learn so many things by observing their parents and Montessori Hacienda Heights teachers. For example, if you brush your teeth together with your kids, they will learn it quickly. If they see you maintaining cleanliness habits, they will also learn to do so. So, if you want your children to develop the habits of personal hygiene and cleanliness, be the role model in front of them.

Read books about cleanliness:

There are many picture books, dealing with the concept of cleanliness and personal hygiene, available for the pre-schoolers. You can read those books with your kids to reinforce the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Watching their favorite characters following the cleanliness rules, they will also learn to follow them.

Praise their initiatives:

After teaching many ways to be clean, if you see your children are following at least one of them please praise their initiative. Children work better when they are praised by their parents or Montessori Hacienda Heights CA teachers.

Make it a routine:

This is a very important step as children work most efficiently when there is a routine set for them. So, before they react to things, you should schedule brushing teeth, bathing, combing hair, and other aspects of grooming that needs to be done every day. It will be easier for them to accept these things as a part of their daily life. It may also happen that they would help you remember if anything is missed.

Kids enjoy learning online as they can learn at their own pace. Each child is unique so are their educational needs. Online learning encourages children to take their own time to understand a concept and share their understanding.