How to prepare your firstborn to welcome his sibling

If you are a parent of a toddler and expecting your second child, you must be feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Excited to bring the new baby home and nervous about how your older child will react to the whole idea. It may be a challenging time for the big brother or sister to accept the new baby into the family. Montessori La Habra CA suggests some ways about how to tell a child about the arrival of the new sibling and prepare him for the changes in the family life depending on the age of the child.

If your child is a pre-schooler and ages between 2 to 4, he is still much attached to you and does not understand how to share you with others. At this age, most of the kids are very sensitive towards any major changes in family life and may feel threatened by the arrival of a new family member. So, according to Preschool La Mirada CA, you should wait for some time before telling your little munchkin about the coming of the new baby.

You need to be honest while telling your child that he is going to have a cute little baby soon. At this point, you can also explain that despite being cute and cuddly, the baby will also cry sometime, and you need to give a lot of your time and attention to the baby. On the other hand, you can assure him that he can play with the baby and sometimes he also has to take care of the baby.

Montessori La Habra CA insists expecting parents to involve their pre-schooler in the preparation to welcome the new baby. You can show him his own baby pictures, read some age-appropriate books on childbirth or you can take him to visit friends who have siblings. You can also ask your toddler to help you in packing your bag for the hospital or ask him to think of some good names for the baby.

You need to do certain changes to your child’s daily routine. It will be helpful if he is toilet trained and has shifted from crib to bed. Seeing the new baby home, sometimes your child may behave unlikely and throw some tantrums. Preschool La Habra CA suggests handling those situations tactfully. Under any circumstance, you should not be strict with him or scold him; instead, you should talk to him and try to understand his perspective.

It is understandable that the little one will take most of your time and energy, but you should keep some time aside for your older child. You need to remember that he is just a pre-schooler and needs your love, care and attention. You can do some reading with him or play any game or do some painting. This will help him understand that he still loves him and care for him. You can also ask your family members and friends to spend some time with your older child when they come to see the new baby