How To Improve Concentration Power ion Kids

If you have kids at home, you must be knowing that for most kids, it is difficult to concentrate on a task for a long time. This is quite natural for kids as they are curious, exuberant, and full of energy, they are always eager to explore the world around them. However, kids need to concentrate on various activities to enhance their skills and complete their school assignments. But don’t worry, there are many ways to improve concentration power in kids. If you are one of the parents who wants some tips on how to develop your child’s concentration, then you are at the right place. Here, Preschool teachers have shared some tips and strategies to develop children’s concentration skills.

Before knowing the strategies, first, let's understand the signs of poor concentration in preschoolers :

If your child has attention and concentration problems, then you may notice some of these symptoms in him :

  • Not sitting in one place for more than 2 to 3 minutes
  • Gets easily distracted
  • Loses things often
  • Can not keep things properly
  • Not finishing the homework on time
  • Appears to be constantly daydreaming
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Aggressive and moody behaviour
  • Displays poor gross motor skills

You would be surprised to know that this lack of concentration in kids happens mainly because of three reasons. They are :

  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Familial stress or problems
  • Poor nutrition

According to the many pediatricians of Whittier CA, relaxation activities, a balanced diet, and proper sleep can address these problems to a great extent.

Tips to Improve Attention Power in Kids :

Here you can find a few strategies to help your kids improve their concentration skills.

Observe Your Kids :
  • Sit away from your child and observe them playing, talking, or reading. Try to read their expressions and behavior pattern.
  • Discuss the problem with their teachers. They would be able to guide you accordingly.
  • Be calm and patient. Your sensible and positive attitude will help your kids to overcome the problem.
Minimize Distractions :
  • When your kids are studying please do not turn on the television or start talking over the phone.
  • Set a specific reading or homework area for your child. The place should be no noise or distraction.
Reduce Screen Time :
  • Preschool teachers suggest parents buy more activity-based games to propel their creativity and thinking skills instead of allowing them to play digital games.
  • Fix their screen time and do not allow them to see videos or play games once the time is over.
Set Goals :
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Segregate their study times into various categories.
  • Make an activity schedule and encourage them to follow it.
  • Introduce a reward system. Whenever they finish one task or follow the timetable properly, give them some reward.
Miscellaneous Tips :
  • Give your kids some responsibilities at home. Such as keeping toys in place, or arranging their reading table, etc.
  • Ask for help from the school counselors and teachers.
  • If there is a need, please do not waste time in getting a professional evaluation.
  • Try to keep them physically active.