How To Help Children To Make A Healthy Eating Habit

Nutritional experiences in early life can have long-lasting consequences. Consuming healthy food from the very childhood is necessary so that the child can enjoy healthy physical health when he or she grows old. Parents play a key role in promoting healthy eating. Right from the start, choosing to breastfeed gives babies a nutritional boost and may help them learn to better regulate their food intake. Parents and other caregivers can guide children to develop lifestyle habits that will support their good health for years to come says a Montessori expert in a school in Fullerton CA.

According to child nutritionists in a Montessori school in Fullerton CA, mere consuming nutritious food is not adequate. Doing a regular physical activity, getting adequate sleep and other factors may help children to grow, learn, and build strong bones and muscles. Child obesity is a recent trend. But, if the children learn to eat healthy from the very beginning it will help them maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces future chances of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Parents at home and caregivers at school play a big role in shaping children’s eating and drinking habits. Inspire them to avoid foods and beverages that are high in added sugars, saturated fat, and salt. Encourage them to choose fibrous food.

Children, especially Montessori going small children remain maximum time to their parents. It is advised to parents to provide healthy nutritious foods daily to their children. Nutritious foods mean fruits and vegetables. Serve food immediately when your child feels hungry. On the other hand, stop the habit of overstuffing your children. Serve age-appropriate portions to avoid overeating. Train your small children to understand when they are full and when they are hungry. Teach them to chew food properly and eat slowly. If your child is in a hurry and just swallows food, it will make him or her obese. Fix the mealtime – it means eating your meal at the same time every day. It helps in good digestion. Make mealtime an enjoyable event and keep your children stress-free in the time of eating. Do not forget to provide age-appropriate utensils, Sippy cups, and a high chair when you have small children at home.

Mere healthy eating cannot be regarded as a healthy habit. Along with healthy eating, physical activity is also necessary. Limit the screen time and involve them in different outdoor activities so that the muscle and body weights grow properly. Move rover, sunlight helps the body to absorb nutrients from food.

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep because it can improve your child’s mental, emotional and physical health. Inadequate sleep is the reason for various health problems including child obesity. Depending on age, different sleep time is recommended for children.Mere lecturing on children does not work. Child psychologist tells parents and caregivers to be a role model. Teachers and caregivers are asked to maintain the same healthy eating and living habit so that they can motivate their children easily. Parents at home should eat healthy to motivate the children to eat healthily.