How To Have A Great Year In Your Montessori Classroom: 3 Steps To Follow

Now that the COVID-19 vaccination program is running successfully, Montessori in Fullerton, CA, and others are getting ready to open again. But getting children ready for the classroom is not going to easy and will be different from previous years. That is because 2020 was a year when the children spent almost the whole year indoors. Their and their parent’s routine changed dramatically; children got up late, went to sleep later even on school days and there was no rush to get ready for school in the morning! This is why when school starts in our Montessori school, you will have to follow these instructions to make sure you have a great year in your Montessori school.

Normalize the classroom

With online classrooms becoming the new normal in 2020, you will have to work extra hard, especially with younger children, to make the classroom normal again. Don’t jump into your study plan from the first day itself; let the children adjust to being in the classroom again. Make them understand that now they have to sit down in their classrooms, and they can’t talk loudly and disturb others. You will need to observe each child and find what each child needs.

Be proactive while redirecting students

Young students have a notoriously low attention span and are in an online classroom for almost a whole year has made children more prone to distracting others. Even children who had been to Montessori classrooms previously will find it hard to adjust to the classroom again. This is why one of your main jobs will be to redirect the student’s attention to the study at hand when one deliberately tries to disturb the classroom. The behavior the children could get away with while being in the online classroom should be nipped in the bud if they try to do the same in your classroom.

Enforce the rules consistently

One of the ways you can do the previous step discussed above is by enforcing the classroom rules in a consistent manner. When your Montessori Fullerton, CA starts, make sure you post the do’s and don’ts of your classroom in the class so that children can easily see it. You also need to talk about the rules with them and what could happen if someone broke the rules. Enforce the rules when someone breaks them and explain to the classroom why breaking the rule was a bad thing. You may need to employ different strategies to enforce the rules, change the ones that don’t work to find the optimal ones. That way you will soon have a peaceful classroom and a great year.