How To Determine A Quality Montessori For Your Kids

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning while the classroom and the teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. In the classroom, children work in different groups (consisting of children of different ages), as well as individually to discover and explore the knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.

A caregiver in a Montessori in Whittier CA thinks that when your child is little grown-up, the most important question is selecting a perfect Montessori school that will help you to shape up your child’s future. It is very tough to understand from the beginning which school is the best for your child. Finding the right school for mom and dad is as important as finding the right school for a child.

According to a caregiver in a reputed US Montessori, the decision to enroll a child in a particular school should be based on the parents and schools’ mutual belief that this will be a good fit for the child’s personality and learning style, as well as with the family’s values and goals.

Some schools are more traditional, follow the original method of Montessori education and philosophy and practice, and do not deviate from how Dr. Montessori presented the methodology over 100 years back. But, some schools are more flexible like the one Montessori we find in Whittier CA, and taking into account changes in culture, research, and technology and incorporating these they have made the school curriculum. Before visiting a Montessori school, ask about the school’s vision or mission statement. Be sure that the philosophy of your school matches your parenting philosophy.

Before admitting your child to a certain Montessori, a prior visit in the classroom is necessary where you are supposed to admit your child. Observe the classroom – whether it is clean, and organized. Do not forget to check whether the classroom is stocked with enough Montessori materials. The Montessori classroom should be aesthetically pleasing. Child size chairs and tables, shelves, and tools should be in the classroom for the children to foster independence among them. No child has specific seat, he or she will sit where he or she likes. Montessori Method of teaching is basically activity-based. Most of the Montessori teaching aid materials are made of natural elements like wood.

Look at the children who have already been admitted there. Are the children happy or contented there? If they are, you will understand that you have come to the right place.

Look at the teachers and caregivers of the Montessori where your children are supposed to go. An ideal Montessori teacher will be friendly and will hold patience. The office clerk of the school should be friendly and cooperative. The class teacher should help parents to remain updated about the recent development of the child.

The Last but not the least is the fee structure. The fees of the most quality Montessori are quite high because a true Montessori is well equipped with lots of educational activity materials and play materials. Be sure that it is not creating pressure on your pocket.