How To Deal With Dandruff In Kids

If you have toddlers at home, at some point in time you may have notice dandruff in their head. Relax! Dandruff is a common issue among kids that can cause irritation and itching on their scalp. As kids go for outdoor activities, they are more susceptible to dust-related skin issues including dandruff. But according to child care experts of Montessori Fullerton CA, the dust is not the only reason behind this problem. Continue reading if you want to know the causes and treatments of dandruff.

Major causes of dandruff in children
Improper shampooing :

Sometimes, due to improper washing of the head, shampoo stays back in their scalp. This causes accumulation of dead skin on the scalp, leading to dandruff.

Malnutrition :

Malnutrition is one of the common reasons for dandruff in kids. They love eating unhealthy junk foods rather than having a fully nutritious diet. This type of eating habits leads to malnutrition and causes dandruff in children.

Choosing the correct hair care products :

As parents, you need to be very careful in choosing their hair care products. It has been observed by the teachers of Montessori Fullerton CA, that using wrong products causes allergies in their scalp which may lead to dandruff. Before buying the products try to understand if your kids are allergic to anything or not. You can also consult a dermatologist before buying their haircare products.

Malassezia :

It is a yeast-like fungus and when grows rapidly leads to disturbance in the natural growth of cells. In turn, this can cause dandruff and scalp itching in children. Certain illness or hormonal changes in kids can cause the growth of this type of fungus.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis :

This is also known as eczema which results in inflammation of the skin. This type of skin problem does not go away easily. But don’t worry, for children, dandruff is a milder form of this skin problem with few implications.

Ways to treat dandruff in children:
Use medicated shampoo :

Montessori Fullerton CA teachers advise parents to use a child-friendly medicated shampoo as these can treat dandruff toa great extent. But do not go for any over the counter medicated shampoo. Consult a dermatologist and then follow his advice.

Staying hydrated :

Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water as it will help them to be hydrated for the whole day. Staying hydrated can reduce dandruff in children.

Brushing before shampoo :

If your little angle has long hair, please do not forget to brush her hair before rinsing them with the medicated shampoo. Proper brushing will help eliminate the flakes to some extent, which in turn will clean the scalp in abetter way.

Separate combs and towel :

Maintain separate combs and towels for your kids as this will reduce the spread of any germs. To be hygienically safe and healthy, try to inculcate certain good habits in your children.

Balanced diet :

From the very beginning, try to develop a healthy eating habit in your children. They should consume a balanced diet with all the required nutrients. Eating nutritious food is the key to healthy skin and hair.

As parents, it is your responsibility to help your children develop certain good habits as it will help in their healthy development.