Help Your Child to Grow the Fine Motor Skill Through Art and Crafts in Montessori-Inspired Ways

Do you know through art you can project the fine motor skill of your child at a very early age? It is an excellent way to teach young children the proper grip so that they can hold the pencil properly. The process that the Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA follows is a little different. It has an ambiance that inspires the children to lead their own way towards learning, exploring and creating a new thing.

The special Montessori-inspired teaching technique that the kids will love by themselves without asking them to practice is a great way to encourage them to use the fine motor skill. From the stroke of the brush to make squiggly lines, every scratch is important to develop the right writing skill among them.

Check out these Montessori inspired art ideas that are effective for the students of the Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA:

  • Stickers : You may find it easy but peeling a sticker off from a sheet is really challenging for the toddlers. Fortunately, they keep motivated for the colorful stickers for which all the struggles seem worthy for them. Most importantly, you need to cut the sheet in such a way, they can have 4-5 stickers at one time; not more than that. This is an overwhelming process for them that will help them to have better control of their fingers.
  • Clay : Clay or play-doh is a wonderful tool that will strengthen their fingers. The kids will learn to play in a different way with clay by themselves. According to Montessori psychology, clay is considered as therapeutic and calming for the kids.
  • Tearing paper : It is an excellent way to have fun, even with your smallest one. It is a great way to develop the hand muscle of the hands along with increased coordination. You can also encourage them to select colorful papers and ask them to cut into stripes with child-friendly scissors. Always ask them to collect the paper pieces in a bowl. Both tearing and cutting with scissor will increase control, grasping power and hand strength.
  • Crayons : Who does not like colorful crayons? It is the best way to practice three fingers gripping that the kids will do by themselves. If they don’t learn the proper way to hold the pencil during their Preschool days, then it will be very hard for the parents to re-teach them in the later part of life. So, make sure they can hold the crayon in the right way from the early days.
  • Bead Stringing : The children can easily attract to the colorful beads which they can put in a string. You can make excellent bookmark or brace late with flexible string and beads. For the little older children, you can teach to make a necklace with yarn, beads and needle.
  • Painting : Every child loves to play with colors.This is also an excellent way to develop fine motor skill among children. When you can engage the little one with finger painting, the little older can enjoy coloring with a cotton ball. For the kids who are older than 3 years can use the paintbrush with their pincer grip.