Great Dance-Themed Party Games For Kids

Kids love dancing and winter is the season of festivities and getting together. During their winter holidays, if you want your kids to enjoy one or two days with their friends, you can host a dance-themed party for them.

Whether you are planning to throw a disco-themed party, a rock-and-roll party, or just a children’s party where you will have great music and space for dancing, make sure you keep some dance games for kids. Sometimes in the Child Care center, teachers play some music and let kids move and groove in the spirit of fun.

Are you wondering which dance games you should keep so that kids have a great time?

Read through this entire blog post and you will get some ideas.

Spot Light – To play this game there should be one person to work the spotlight and another one to work the music. The spotlight person can stand in the middle of the dance floor and shine flashlights on the dancers. He can use colorful lights to shine on the dancers as it will give the feel of a real dance floor. Most importantly, he should keep on moving the flashlights so that every child gets the opportunity to be in the spotlight. But whenever the music stops, the spotlight holder also must freeze. In this game, no one is eliminated from the game and everyone gets the equal opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

Memory Moves – To play this game, kids should form a circle around the dance floor. One child goes first and shows some dance moves. The next player has to take the center stage and repeat the same dance move. Once he is done mimicking the dance move of the first player, he has to perform one of his own. Then the third player will come and repeat the steps of the first two-player and add a third one. This game continues like this in which each dancer repeats and then adds a new move to the list. If one cannot copy or forget the dance moves of the previous players, he will be out. In Fullerton CA playschools kids keep on playing this game until only one dancer remains.

Spot Dance – If your little guests are playing this game, they need to team up in pairs. Each pair has to dance in a designated spot. You can make large circles for each pair by sticking tape on the floor and letting the pairs stand in their assigned place. Now play music and ask them to dance together without stepping out of the circles. As you speed up the music, they also need to speed up their dance moves. Anyone steps out of the circle, the pair gets disqualified. Child Care teachers make this game more challenging by starting with large circles and slowly replacing them with smaller ones.

These are some fun dance games that kids will love to play with their friends. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a dance party for the little ones and include at least one game from here to make the dance party more fun and enjoyable.