Enriching The Scientific Mind Of Kids Through Some Science-Based Games

Our whole world indeed revolves around science. In fact, to understand who we are, biologically speaking, we are to resort to science. Since science has such an over-encompassing aspect, it’s imperative that kids be taught the essence of science from an early age. We often ask ‘what,’ but very seldom do we ask ‘Wy,’ and that’s something children of Montessori Fullerton CA ask because of curiosity.

Curiosity is what has led to the progression of the entire world. Teaching science outside the classroom is something that a lot of parents are doing. In fact, when kids are in preschool, the basic idea of science can be provided. Preschoolers at Montessori Academy will learn some basic or key ideas about science or develop the eagerness to ask ‘why’ type questions.

However, teaching science solely as a subject may not be a fun activity for kids. This is the reason why teachers and parents are combining science with games. Since a kid is very unlikely to say no to playing games, how about mixing some fun science? Follow this article if you want to know more about it.

Here Are A Few Science Games That Kids Will Simply Love

As we said earlier, education has a lot of variety, and it's the teachers' job to come up with innovative ways to teach. For example, a kid is playing with a paper plane? Instead of scolding, if one were to explain how the motion of the airplane and the functionality is so similar to the concept of aerodynamics, then one would do a great job as a teacher.

Most importantly, a student will get interested in the subject of science. Otherwise, if fear is developed initially, it becomes massively difficult to regain faith or love for the subject. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the fun science games that kids will love.

  • Body Part Bingo

    So, the first one on this list is Body Part Bingo, a very fun activity that teaches us about human biology. Once a kid reaches seven or nine, they will start learning anatomy. So, introducing kids to human body parts Bingo is an amazing way to make them interested in this subject. In addition, they will love the animated drawings of human body parts like the heart, stomach, brain, etc.

  • Aerodynamics & Paperplanes

    As we mentioned earlier, teaching kids about aerodynamics is quite simple with paper planes as a reference. First of all, making paper planes itself is an art known as origami, which will boost their visual intelligence.

    Furthermore, you can also refer to aerodynamics while talking about paper planes since the paper planes are also subjected to the law of gravity, lift, thrust, and drag, just like a normal plane. You can even hold a contest between kids to see who can make the most aerodynamic plane.

  • Static Electricity With Balloons

    There’s another fun game where kids need to generate static electricity with a balloon. Moreover, they will be given an aluminum can that they need to move to the finish line using static electricity alone.

    So, the kids will charge the electricity by rubbing the balloon on different items like clothing or hair. At places like Montessori Fullerton, CA , the teachers even hold static electricity races.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were some of the most important science-based games that kids will love to play. In Montessori Academy, a kid will not only love science as a subject but also begin to question ‘why’ a lot.