3 Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas for children

As Halloween is just around the corner, the excitement level in kids is super high and they are getting ready to party. This is a festival that is loved by all, especially by kids because it is the time to have fun, dress like their favorite scary character and go trick and treating, and attend Halloween parties. Therefore, it would be a great idea to match the food with the mood of the party. Here Preschool La Habra CA teachers have shared some delicious Halloween treat ideas for kids which are not only scary and tempting but also healthy.

Halloween Oreo Eyeball Treat

This Halloween themed treat for toddlers is easy to make and super delicious.

Ingredients :
  • Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies – 2 packets
  • Decorating gel – blue or green
  • Red food coloring
  • Black or brown M&Ms
  • Small paintbrush
Method :
  • First, carefully remove one cookie from each Oreo sandwich cookie. Leave the base cookie and the cream. Let the chocolate smudge be there.
  • Then add a blob of gel icing to the cookie that has been removed to make the eye.
  • Now in the middle place one M&M. Your eyes are ready.
  • Next, take a bit of red food coloring on a plate and with a small paintbrush make some scary looking veins on the white frosting on the base cookie.
  • Do the same thing with all the cookies.
  • Your scary eyeball treat for Halloween is ready.
  • Preschool La Habra CA teachers insist parents prepare this treat as kids love anything made with Oreo cookies.
Ghost Twinkies :

This Halloween snack is a favorite amongst preschoolers. You can, in fact, include your kids also to prepare this Halloween themed simple treat.

Ingredients :
  • Twinkies – 10
  • White melting chocolate
  • Google eyes – 10
  • Wax papers
  • Cookie sheet
Method :
  • First, take the twinkies and cut their bottom.
  • Then, take a cookie sheet and place it with wax paper.
  • After that, Take a bowl and put the melting chocolate in it. Microwave it till it melts properly.
  • Now with a spoon drizzle the melted chocolate on the cut twinkies to give it a ghost-like look. Let the chocolate pool at the bottom.
  • Once the chocolate gets solidified, drizzle the white chocolate at the back of the twinkies too.
  • Now add the googly eyes by using white chocolate as the glue.
  • Refrigerate the twinkies for 10 to 15 minutes and your Halloween themed snack is ready.
Monster Halloween Punch :

According to the teachers of Preschool La Habra CA, this is a perfect beverage for Halloween parties.

Ingredients :
  • Lemonade – 4 oz
  • Lemon-lime soda – 4 oz
  • Lime sherbet – 1 cup
  • Candy eyeballs
Method :
  • First, mix lemonade and half lemon-lime soda in a big jug.
  • Pour the punch into the glasses.
  • Then, add s small scoop of lime sherbet to each glass.
  • Then decorate the sherbet with candy eyeballs.
  • Now, just pour in a bit of lemon-lime soda over the sherbet and serve.

You can prepare all three mentioned above or any 1 or 2 for your children’s Halloween party as these are very simple to prepare and can bring life to the party.