Newsletter December 2021

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Primanti Montessori Academy
December 2021
Dates to Remember
December 20: Christmas Program and
December 21: Secret Santa Gift Exchange,
and Pajama Party
December 22: Holiday Movie and Toy Day
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of
the Year
December 15 - 29: Movement in Education
The spirit of Christmas is in the air. The
children have been happily practicing their
December 23/24 - 30/31: School Closed for
winter songs and dances, and the staff has put
Christmas and New Years
up many festive decorations. The students
January 3, 2022: All Clssses Resume
have been making many beautiful arts and
crafts to adorn the classroom walls.
We have planned many activities for this
month to celebrate the season and to provide
opportunities for our children to let their
empathy for others blossom.
Thank you, dear parents and family, for
your generous donations of books, toys, and
The children benefit from these items. We
also impress on them the importance of
May this merry season of Christmas bring
caring for books and toys so that they may
glory to your life, peace to your mind, and joy
be enjoyed by many more students and to
to your heart!
lessen our carbon footprints.
Covid-19 Updates
We would like to thank the Montessori
community for their continued cooperation in
following the pandemic guidelines.
Although we have learned about encouraging
news regarding the vaccine, we are also
A Few Friendly Reminders….
learning about different variants of the
Covid -19 virus. We need to continue to be
Like us on Facebook
vigilant about following the protocols,
The school is always a buzz with many
especially in the winter.
activities. We try to capture these beautiful
The teachers and staff implement these
moments in pictures and share them with
guidelines not only in the children’s daily
you through Facebook.
activities but will also do so with the
Chilly Days
upcoming special activities.
Please remember to send a coat or sweater
We are also asking that the parents get their
with your children. It has been chilly these
children checked by the doctor if their child
days and we want to keep the children nice
exhibits flu-like symptoms. A doctor’s note is
and warm when they go out for playtime.
required for the child to return to school.
— 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
November Was an Eventful
Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon
November has always been a time to
think and be grateful for the blessings in
our lives.
Our children celebrated Thanksgiving
in the classroom with a traditional feast
while reflecting upon all the gifts we
are truly blessed with.
The children also had a lot of fun
decorating the classrooms with fun and
creative arts and crafts.
Primanti Montessori Academy — 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
December 20 - Christmas Program
December 21 - Secret Santa Gift
December 22 - Holiday Movie
and Luncheon
Exchange and Pajama Day
with Cookies and Hot Chocolate
The children love to sing and dance, and
To celebrate the festive spirit of giving
We are planning an unforgettable
these days, they have been working on
and receiving, students will be
Christmas pajama tradition for our
their dance moves and songs. They will
participating in a Secret Santa Game this
students as we settle in for a
be performing for the other classes on
fun-filled holiday movie by the
December 20th. We hope to share these
Christmas tree.
We appreciate you providing a wrapped
videos with our Primanti community
book or an educational toy (under
Please remember to dress your
through Facebook.
$10.00) with the friend’s name and your
child for the occasion (ideally in
child’s name to continue our tradition of
red, green, gold, and other holiday
teaching young children the importance
colors) as we celebrate the joy of
of altruism, selflessness, and generosity.
Christmas with our children.
The last day to bring a wrapped book or
Students are encouraged to bring
educational toy for your child’s friend is
their favorite toy or board game to
December 16th.
We will be capturing memorable
Cookies and hot chocolate will be
moments of our students participating in
served to make it a perfect
December 15 – December 29
the holiday ritual of gift-giving under
the Christmas Tree.
Movement in Education
Please have your child come in warm
One important aspect of Montessori
and comfortable pajamas to school.
instruction is the analysis of movement.
Please follow us on Facebook for these
The children have minds that are like
candid moments.
sponges, and they learn by copying.
As the teachers demonstrate the use of
materials such as the Pink tower, the
December 23/24 – School Closed
children copy the way the cubes are
The school will be closed on
held, pay attention to the dimension of
December 23rd and 24th for
each piece, and when it’s their turn to
Christmas. Have yourself a very
work on their own, develop their
Merry Christmas!
concentration by repeating the exercise
December 30/31– School Closed
The school will be closed on
December 30th and 31st for the
New Year. May every day of the
New Year glow with good cheer
and happiness for you and your
January 3rd, 2022 - Classes
Primanti Montessori Academy — 10947 S. Valley Home Ave. Whittier, CA90603 — T: (562) 943-0246 —
Email: — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

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