Commonly Asked School Interview Questions For Parents

If you are parents of a toddler and he is slowly gradually taking his first step into the world of education, you may find yourself a little anxious thinking about the admission processes most of the preschools follow. Like every other step of your child’s life, you play an important role in his Preschool Brea CA admission processas well. You have toappear for a parents’ interview session there and teachers may ask you a few basic questions.
You can find below the most commonly asked interview questions in a parent’s interview session.

What are your educational qualifications?

Schools ask this question to parents to assess parental involvement in their child’s education process. The school can also wish to understand your plan on how you are going to use your educational background to nurture your child’s future.

Are you both working?

Teachers want to understand the kind of environment your child is raised in and how it is going to contribute to his developmental processes. Home environment and parental involvement play a major role in children’s healthy mental, emotional, and physical development.

Do you live in a joint family or nuclear family?

This question is asked mostly for school-record purposes. They just want to maintain a record about the family members in a child’s family. So, don’t worry about this.

Is your child potty trained?

Many parents find this question a little strange to be asked in an interview. But you need to understand the purpose of this parent interview session is to know your child in a better way. This information is important for Preschool Brea CA teachers as they will play the role of caretakers and need to know whom to keep an eye on or help with training.Some special needs children refuse to go to the toilet alone and will need particular training to help them progress out of this habit.

How would you describe your child’s nature?

Parents are the best person from whom teachers can have some basic understanding of their soon to be students. This information is very helpful in planning the activities of the first few days. Some children do not get along with others, and teachers have toengage them in a certain manner.

What are the child’s eating habits?

This is a common question if you are opting for the day time meal option in school. Preschool Brea CA teachers need to know is your child a fussy eater or has any food allergy. If he has any eating issues, teachers may help you to overcome that problem.

What are your views on homework?

Some new age preschools don’t believe giving homework to children; on the other hand, some institutions send some application-based/practical home assignments on weak ends. This is the opportunity to voice what you expect from the school. So, you can share your opinion here.

What are your home life and marriage like?

Many parents find this question a little personal to be asked. If you are uncomfortable, you can politely ignore answering the question. But divorce in the family and constant fights between the parents affects children’s healthy developmentand in such cases, they may need extra support from their teachers.