Birthday Party Special Activity Ideas For Kids

If you have kids at home, you must always be thinking about how to make your kids’ birthday more special. This might be the day of the year when you want everything to go right. Besides the gifts, catering, and other logistics, birthday special activities play a pivotal role to make the day special for the little ones. While a bad sequence of games can make all your hard work go to waste, a good selection of games has the potential to make the party a grand success.

According to the Child Care center teachers to entertain the little ones for hours, you should turn to some fun-filled birthday special activities. Here you can find some birthday party games ideas for your kids that can keep the little ones engaged.

Prize Walk – This game is quite simple and is ideal for kids between two and four years old.

How to play the game - Cut some square charts, write numbers 1 to 20 on them and stick them on the ground, making a circle. Now make small paper chits and write the same numbers in them. Shuffle and keep them in a basket. Play some music and have the little ones walk around the circle. They will stand on a number as soon as the music stops. Now, one will pick a chit from the basket and whosever number is picked from the basket, that child will get a prize. You can continue the game for a set number of rounds.

Bubble Wrap Race – Kids love bursting bubble wraps. You can have this simple yet fun game for kids over 3 years of age. You just need to have a big space and a lot of bubble wrap.

How to play the game – Roll out a large bubble wrap sheet on the ground or in an open space. Instead of bursting the bubble wrap, they have to cross over the wrap without popping any of the bubbles. Kids who cross the same without making any noise wins the game.

Balloon Bursts - Whittier CA preschool teachers suggest this game for kids over 4 years of age.

How to play the game – Write some challenges or activities on chits of pares and insert them into colorful balloons before inflating them. Kids will have to tap the balloon in the air with the music. When the music stops, the person who was last touching the balloon has to pop it and perform the activity within it. The activities could be anything like dancing, reciting a poem, do a cartwheel, touching the nose tip with tongue, etc.

These are some of the fun-filled game ideas that you can keep at your children’s birthday party. These games will definitely make them enjoy the party to the fullest and you will also be happy seeing the little ones laughing, jumping, playing in happiness. So invite all the Child Care center kids on your little one’s birthday and let them enjoy the day.