Benefits of reading Comic Books

If you want your children to develop a liking for reading don't you think reading comic books is a great idea? Developing the habit of reading in children from an early age will help them learn new things on their own and prepare them for the future. Moreover, encouraging children to read comic books can open a world of fun that will help them relax and de-stress.

Montessori La Mirada CA teachers have seen that pre-schoolers mostly pick comic books due to their colorful illustrations and funny stories. With so many options available for them, help your kids pick the right one for reading. You are at the correct place if you want to know the benefits of reading comic books in children.

Benefits of reading comic books:

You may think that reading comic books may not help them in their growth and development, but the surprising fact is that comics are considered a great way of imparting knowledge and wisdom in children. There are many benefits of reading comics particularly if they are read at a young age.

Learn to love reading:

Many children specially the ones struggling with their reading skills, can benefit from the visual format of comic books and graphic novels. With their colorful illustrations and focus on plot and characters, comic books can hold children’s attention for a longer period of time. Comic books and graphic novels help students learn information that they may otherwise find boring, for example, stories from history or other educational information.

Think differently:

You must be surprised to learn that kids, who read comic books more, learn to process information differently. They must process all the different components – visual, spatial and textual - of the book and integrate these components into one solid understanding of the story.


Montessori La Mirada CA teachers encourage kids to read more comic books as comics require readers to actively engage in making meaning from text and images. Neither the images nor the text carries meaning alone. Readers must interpret the interplay between them to understand the story.


The comic format of the book conveys a great deal of information in a short time while allowing the readers to control the pace of reading and reading. It has been observed that comic book readers gather a large amount of information in a short period of time. The comic book format works so well that it has been considered as the standard means of communicating lifesaving information.


Children who read comic books a lot are better at recalling and transferring their learning. Students who read text and images together have better attitudes towards learning and can recall information more effectively and apply their learning to solve any problem.

Widened imagination:

As noticed by Montessori La Mirada CA teachers the stories and characters of comic books are always rich and layered and help children imagine things that are not belonging to the mundane realities of everyday life. The brightly colored images and elaborate detailing will leave an impression on them.