Bathroom Safety Tips For Kids

If you have toddlers at home, you will agree that the bathroom is hub of activity for families like yours. Whether they are taking bath in the sinker splashing around in the tub or not, kids love being in the water. But the bathroom can be a very dangerous place for children if some safety measures are not taken. If your kids are going to Preschool La Habra CA, you need to make sure that whenever they are going to the restroom are always accompanied by an adult. To keep them protected it is very important to follow certain bathroom safety tips.

Essential bathroom safety tips to be followed for kids :

Never leave your little one unattended in the bathroom.

You must be surprised to know that younger children can drown in only a few inches of water. Yes, even if the bathtub is less than one-fourth full, you should not leave your children alone in the bathtub. Either of the parents or an adult should always accompany them in the bathroom. You should also remember not to leave water in the bathtub when it is not in use.

Keep the bathroom floor dry.

A slippery bathroom floor can be extremely dangerous for kids as well as for adults so it is important to always keep the bathroom floor dry. If there is any leak in the bathroom, call your plumber and fix it as soon as possible to avoid the high risk of any injury. You can also install anti-slip strips around the bathtub, as this is the area prone to extra wetness.

Always close the toilet lid.

In Preschool La Habra CA, teachers and caregivers always close the toilet lid to avoid any undue situation. It is observed that the toilet appears fun and interesting to many toddlers, but there is a high chance that they may accidentally fall in while playing. So, it is always good to keep the lid closed all the time to minimize the possibility of any such incidents.

Keep hazardous objects out of their reach.

Many toddlers may find your razor blade quite interesting and would like to play with it. They may find the beautiful design and bright color of the shampoo bottle quite attractive and would like to taste some of it. To avoid such situations, you need to keep all the hazardous objects out of their reach. If possible you can install high shelves which your little one cannot access.

The right temperature of the water.

Caregivers of Preschool always insist parents check the temperature of the water by putting your elbow into the water before you place your little one in the tub. The water should be warm but not hot.To prevent burns and scalding, you can keep the temperature on the water heater set below 120 degrees F. You can also consider installing anti-scald valves to prevent the water from going above the set temperature.

Installing child-friendly tub and sink knobs.

You can use a faucet cover that pads the faucet as seal water faucets can cause severe injury to your kids if, by chance, they bump into them.