Awesome Back to School Activities for Toddlers

Back to school activities are very important for toddlers as at the beginning of the academic year the prime focus should be on building a relationship between teachers and students and creating a kind of learning environment where kids feel safe and comfortable. To support teachers to achieve this, Montessori La Habra CA is suggesting some awesome back to school activities that will help you to develop good bonding with your little learners and build a positive learning community.

My video – know your teacher :

Teachers should know every possible detail about their students, but it is very important for students also to know their teacher. Toddlers should know what their teacher expects from them and some other basic information about their teacher to create a healthy relationship. The first common thing teachers can do on the first day of school is introducing themselves to students. Only talking and sharing the information may not excite the students; for that, teachers can create a short video in which they can tell about themselves, their expectations from the class. Kiddos will feel super happy to see their teacher on screen and have some fun time while knowing their teacher.

Jitter juice recipe and poem :

In Child Care La Mirada CA, teachers do this activity to make the first day of school more enjoyable. They read the hilariously funny and unpredictable children's book called “First Day Jitters”, and then create the most delicious jitter juice recipe to take away those tickly butterflies in our tummy. Once they are done creating the jitter juice recipe, the teacher can also read the adorable poem with some funny actions.

All about me :

To know more about your students this ‘All about Me’ activity is a must on the first day of school. This is a perfect way for you to know more about your students and for the children also to learn about others in the class. In Montessori La Habra CA, teachers can keep this activity free where kids can show their creativity (creating a poem, drawing, writing sentences) to show their likings and disliking. To make it more structured you can also hand out some easy worksheets and ask your little learners to complete it in the classroom. Teachers can guide students to share the information that reflects them.

Inside the box :

This is a very good first-day activity for toddlers to encourage them to voice their ideas regarding what do you want to learn and how this year. According to Child Care La Mirada CA, this type of activity promotes free-thinking in children. So, teachers should always encourage their students to share their thoughts and ideas. How to make this activity partially guided teachers can ask toddlers to put forward their ideas about how to introduce a new lesson or an activity to do in the classroom, a project idea to assign or a place to go for the field trip. Kids can write their suggestions in a small piece of paper and put it inside the box and teachers need to make sure to incorporate at least some of their suggestions in the lesson plan.