Tips To Build The Quality Of Selfestimation In Kids
Tips to build the quality of self-estimation in kids (04/09/2023)

For parents, developing a child is not as easy as it looks from afar.....
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Tips To Teach Positive Words To Kids
Tips to teach positive words to kids(25/08/2023)

A positive word can make our day. When it comes to kids, they must be encouraged with positive words.....
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Responsibilities Of Daycare Toward Parents
Responsibilities Of Daycare Toward Parents (03/08/2023)

Daycare plays a significant role in kids' lives.....
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Cute Hairstyle For Your Little Princess (28/07/2023)

It is always fun for every mother to dress up her little princess. Also, it is a very special moment for every......
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Physical Fitness
Role Of Schools In Kids' Physical Fitness? (06/07/2023)

Physical fitness is crucial for everyone, especially kids, who need to focus on it. It is very......
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How To Maintain A Healthy Weight For Your Child
How To Maintain A Healthy Weight For Your Child? (06/07/2023)

As we go through many phases in our lives, kids are not different from us. That is......
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How To Deal If Your Child Cries During Bedtime
How To Deal If Your Child Cries During Bedtime? (06/07/2023)

As parents, there are lots of challenges you have to face during your parenting......
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How to help your child adjust to their new sibling
How to help your child adjust to their new sibling? (07/06/2023)

Kids always get excited when they hear about a new baby......
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Main components of montessori classroom
Main components of montessori classroom (30/05/2023)

The Montessori Method is an approach that allows kids.....
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Mother’s Day ideas for preschool
Mother’s Day ideas for preschool (17/05/2023)

Celebration is always exciting for kids, whether it is for any occasion.....
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How to incorporate Montessori principles into the home
Safety & security norms for kid’s school (11/05/2023)

When your baby is taking steps toward the real world, it is..
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How to incorporate Montessori principles into the home
How to incorporate Montessori principles into the home? (26/04/2023)

Kids' education matters to every parent, which is why they send......
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Why travel matters for kids?
Why travel matters for kids? (30/03/2023)

Travel is very crucial for everyone's life, especially for kids......
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How to choose the right bathing toy for your child?
How to choose the right bathing toy for your child? (23/03/2023)

Most babies don’t like to bathe, and they always cry during bathing.....
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How to encourage your baby to involve in social activities
How to encourage your baby to involve in social activities? (14/03/2023)

Social development is very crucial for kids at their starting age. .....
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Adventure activities for your kids
Adventure activities for your kids (08/03/2023)

Kids always love to try something new from the start of their lives.....
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Tips to Increase Concentration Levels in Kids
Tips to Increase Concentration Levels in Kids (02/03/2023)

Concentration is very important in every step of life.....
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Tips to entertain your toddlers at home
Tips to entertain your toddlers at home (14/02/2023)

Parenting is the best job; everyone desires to be happy in it......
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How do practice your child to sleep on their own?
How do practice your child to sleep on their own? (13/02/2023)

As parents, you may be wondering how to get ready for your child to sleep on their own.....
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Positive things you can say to your child to encourage them
Positive things you can say to your child to encourage them (31/01/2023)

Kids-always-want the best response from their parents when they do something appreciative....
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physical development of kids
Activities that will help in the physical development of kids (20/01/2023)

Physical development is very crucial for kids; it will be helpful to them for lifelong skills....
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Thanksgiving holiday
Best things you can plan for New Year with kids (27/12/2022)

The New Year is the time for fun, creating new memories, and looking forward to a fresh beginning...
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Thanksgiving holiday
Decoration ideas for kids' Christmas party (16/12/2022)

No matter what the age of your child, parties always excite them. When it comes to Christmas....
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Thanksgiving holiday
Essential tips for parents to take care of their child during winters (30/11/2022)

Winter is about to hit the doors soon, and this season needs extra care and nourishment for.....
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Thanksgiving holiday
Activities for kids during the Thanksgiving holiday (18/11/2022)

For the kids, Thanksgiving Day is the most fun time of the year. There are tons of fun activities you can enjoy with your kids....
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Relationship In Childcare
How To Build A Better Relationship In Childcare? (07/11/2022)

Stable, loving, and responsive relationships are key to developing a better child. If we talk about childcare relationships.......
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Toddler's Curly Hair
How To Care For Your Toddler's Curly Hair? (07/11/2022)

Have you ever cut the ends of your child's hair? Haha! So welcome to the curly hair guide because you.......
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Montessori Rules For Teachers
Montessori Rules For Teachers (31/10/2022)

When we talk about Montessori school, there is a perception in everybody's mind that it is a space where kids.......
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Toddler Not Eating Well
Is Your Toddler Not Eating Well? Take A Look At These Ideas (27/10/2022)

As the saying goes becoming a parent is not an easy task.......
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books for Halloween
The top 8 children's books for Halloween (27/10/2022)

These books can assist your kids to get more enthusiastic about........
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Six Halloween-themed, super delicious drinks for children
Six Halloween-themed, super delicious drinks for children (17/10/2022)

Halloween wouldn't be full without a scary party, and the party........
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Some fun cleaning activities for kids
Some fun cleaning activities for kids (28/09/2022)

Kids always like to create a mess, but do they like cleaning?........
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How to strengthen your relationship with your child?? (13/09/2022)

When you are living in a family, a positive relationship always matters..........
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child’s dental health
Which foods are bad for your child’s dental health? (13/09/2022)

The dental health of the kids is the priority of most parents. So you must consider.........
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mental health of your child
How to improve mental health of your child? (07/09/2022)

When you think about mental health, first you need to consider the mental health of others.........
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kid's hair
How to take care of your kid's hair? (25/08/2022)

Caring for kids' hair is a very tricky task. If you like your baby's shiny mop hair........
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Secrets for a childcare teacher
Secrets for a childcare teacher (05/08/2022)

Kids are fickle and don't agree on anything for the first time. Childcare Whittier, CA........
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effective parenting
Tips for effective parenting (05/08/2022)

Parenting is not as easy a task as you think. Also, all parents are not perfect in every way........
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Montessori over preschool
Why choose Montessori over preschool? (01/08/2022)

At a growing age, choosing an education center for your kids can become very complicated.......
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Secrets for a Childcare Teacher
Secrets for a Childcare Teacher (19/07/2022)

Kids are fickle and don't agree on anything for the first time. At Childcare Whittier......
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Recycle and Reuse
Some Essential Tips to teach Kids Reduce, Recycle and Reuse (28/06/2022)

Our environment is rapidly deteriorating. We can dramatically enhance the health of our.....
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6 easy activities to help your child become financially responsible (24/06/2022)

Children frequently observe adults exchanging coins and dollars when they make purchases.....
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Important Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Future Success (23/06/2022)

Parenting is regarded as one of the hardest occupations in the world, but no official instruction.....
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How To Make Your Toddler Understand The Value Of Animals? (02/06/2022)

Animals are undeniably a crucial part of our existence. If you have a pet, you are aware of the love.....
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Ways To Build Your Kids’ Confidence Through Sports (26/05/2022)

If you want to be good at anything, the first thing that you need is self-confidence. .....
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Love Studying
Is Your Child Not Studying Enough? Check Out The Ways To Make Them Love Studying (26/05/2022)

As parents, we expect our children to be great at everything they do.....
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Science-Based Games
Enriching The Scientific Mind Of Kids Through Some Science-Based Games (18/05/2022)

Our whole world indeed revolves around science.....
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Prickly Heat Home Remedies
Prickly Heat Home Remedies For Pre-schoolers (27/04/2022)

Prickly heat is a skin rash caused by sweat trapped in the skin. Normally sweat travels to the surface of the skin through tiny ducts....
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Sleep Better
Useful Tips To Help Your Kids Sleep Better (26/04/2022)

Children are often active throughout the day. It's difficult to get kids to sit quietly for various commitments......
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underweight kids gain weight
How can you help your underweight kids gain weight (26/04/2022)

Some children are underweight for a variety of reasons. Underweight toddlers can be caused by genetics, growth spurts, or a rise in height......
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Make Hydration Fun For Your Child
Make Hydration Fun For Your Child (21/04/2022)

Kids are energetic and fast with their work. The reason is their healthy bodies and ample sleep......
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Spring Allergy
Top Five Childcare Tips To Fight Spring Allergy (02/04/2022)

Spring is beautiful with colorful flowers and green fresh leaves. But, it is also a key time of year for seasonal allergies.....
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Communicate Better: Be The Support System For Your Child ? (02/04/2022)

Communication is the key to a happy life. So, the importance of it begins from day one of our existence....
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Child’s Dental Health
Some Foods That Are Not Good For Your Child’s Dental Health (01/04/2022)

Certain foods can create plaque and bacteria buildup in your child's mouth, resulting in poor oral health. But don't be.....
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Why Toddlers Hold Objects Close to Their Face (01/04/2022)

If you are parents of toddlers and looking for answers to questions related to your toddler’s development, explore....
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An Effective Study Plan For Your Kid To : Help Them Study Better (11/03/2022)

What every parent wants in their life is to create an easy atmosphere for their child to live in...
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Classroom Management
Classroom Management Hacks Every Preschool Teachers Should Know (11/03/2022)

Every preschool teacher in Montessori Brea CA knows that keeping a day on track when working with kids is not as easy as it may seem. ...
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Make Your Child Love Words With Scrabble (28/02/2022)

Teaching words with a playful method could be refreshing for the child and the person who is teaching. ...
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Warm-Up Exercises
Some Fun Warm-Up Exercises For Kids (28/02/2022)

Being healthy starts at home. It is an opinion of a preschool caregiver in Brea CA. according to him, parents should be the role model of children to stay healthy. ...
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Proper Skin Care
Proper Skin Care Tips For Toddlers In This Spring (23/02/2022)

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it is essential to teach your child some important tips to maintain a healthy complexion...
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Kids About Pets
Some Of The Best Picture Books For Kids About Pets (15/02/2022)

Many preschoolers are familiar with pets, even if they do not have one of their own...
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Essential Vitamins
Essential Vitamins Your Child Need (01/02/2022)

Did you know that the nutritional needs of a child and a teenager are different from that of an adult? That is why many educators at...
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Develop Responsibility
6 Picture Books For Kids To Develop Responsibility (01/02/2022)

Responsibly is a skill that can be acquired over time. Typically, parents begin with little chores to help their children become accustomed...
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The Significance Of Vitamin D In Your Kids (19/01/2022)

When it comes to nutritive vitamins supplements, every parent tries to incorporate DHA-rich food. However, in their attempt to fulfill...
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Determine A Quality Montessori
How To Determine A Quality Montessori For Your Kids (19/01/2022)

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. In...
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Ensure Quick-Learning
Ways To Ensure Quick-Learning In Your Kids (03/01/2022)

In a world ruled by tests, exams, and deadlines, it is only fair that parents get concerned about their kids becoming fast learners. Not only...
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Child Off To Preschool
Things You Need To Know About Sending Your Child Off To Preschool (27/12/2021)

Is your child about to attend Preschool Whittier CA? We know now sending your child off to a...
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Fun Winteractivities With Your Kids Without Snow (27/12/2021)

With the winter now in full swing, it's time to have some fun with your kids in the outdoors. The Winter holidays are the time when you can...
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Party Games
Great Dance-Themed Party Games For Kids (24/11/2021)

Kids love dancing and winter is the season of festivities and getting together. During their winter holidays, if you want your kids...
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Indoor Games
Some Indoor Games Your Child Will Never Get Tired Of (23/11/2021)

All parents want to know is how to keep their restless kids fidgeting on the sofa engaged with activities. It is because it not only increases their...
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Good Human Being
How Pet Teach Your Toddler to Be a Good Human Being (01/11/2021)

Pets are part of many children’s lives. Most children want pets. They beg for a kitten to cuddle or a rabbit they can feed...
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Craft Activities
7 benefits of doing Paper Craft Activities for Preschoolers (01/11/2021)

Papercraft activities are the perfect free time activity to ignite children’s imagination, creativity, and motor skills...
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children’s future
How Montessori Education Shape Up A Child’s Life (25/10/2021)

Montessori form of education has taught children about the world and the surroundings and it has shaped up children’s future over the ages...
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Healthy Eating
How To Help Children To Make A Healthy Eating Habit (21/10/2021)

Nutritional experiences in early life can have long-lasting consequences. Consuming healthy food from the very childhood is necessary so that...
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Smart Breakfast
Smart Breakfast For Kids To Start Day In A Smart Way (14/10/2021)

A smart breakfast is needed for your kids to start the day in a smart way. Parents often ask about smart breakfast and how it will help their...
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Make Your Children Ready For School
Tips To Make Your Children Ready For School In This New Session (13/10/2021)

Due to the scenario of Coronavirus or Covid – 19, schools were closed so far and all students and teachers were sitting at home and attended...
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Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween Safety Tips For Your Children (13/10/2021)

Halloween is a spooky and exciting holiday for many kids. For most of the children, Halloween can be an overwhelming and challenging holiday...
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Community Service Project
6 Community Service Project Ideas for Kids (13/10/2021)

The community service project is one of the great ways to encourage children to think about the world around them and act responsibly. If you want...
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Healthy Snacks
Top Four Healthy Snacks That Your Kids Will Love (27/08/2021)

Snacks are a small portion of food that is served between meals. Growing kids often get hungry between meals. Snacks provide energy in the middle...
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 Children To Socialize With Others
Top Five Tips To Teach Your Children To Socialize With Others (25/08/2021)

Socializing is a quality that helps to mix with others – family, friends, neighbors, etc. learning to get socialize is a lifelong process...
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Cooking With Kids
What Are The Benefits Of Cooking With Kids (25/08/2021)

Did you know that exposure to cooking helps children develop good food habits and a taste for fresh, wholesome ingredients? Preschool...
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Birthday Party Special Activity
Birthday Party Special Activity Ideas For Kids (25/08/2021)

If you have kids at home, you must always be thinking about how to make your kids’ birthday more special. This might be the day...
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Protein-Rich Foods
Why Kids Should Consume Protein-Rich Foods (26/07/2021)

Kids are very choosy when it comes to foods, and getting them to eat nutritious foods is one of the prime responsibilities of parents. They need to...
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Protein-Rich Breakfast
Protein-Rich Breakfast Ideas For Kids (26/07/2021)

Did you know that a good, healthy, and protein-rich breakfast is important in helping children explore and learn better? In fact, it would...
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Deal With Disappointment Of A kid
How To Deal With Disappointment Of A kid (26/07/2021)

Parents become worried when their children get disappointed. But, disappointment is a healthy emotion and it is necessary for children to...
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develop good habits in your children
How to develop good habits in your children (16/07/2021)

Habits shape our lives and are very important for growth and happiness. Our lifestyle determines our success, and hence parents want their kids...
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Delightful Mermaid Craft
3 Delightful Mermaid Craft Ideas for Kids (23/06/2021)

Mermaids are imaginary creatures that according to the legends are aquatic creatures with the upper part of the body of a woman and a fish’s tail...
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Develop Naturalistic Intelligence In Your Kids
How To Develop Naturalistic Intelligence In Your Kids (22/06/2021)

Are your kids inquisitive about nature and how different habitats work? Do they frequently ask questions about where different animals live and...
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Deal With Child Diarrhea
Amazing Tips To Deal With Child Diarrhea (22/06/2021)

Children get diarrhea more often than adults and sometimes it becomes chronic. Diarrhea can affect a child for a short time which is called acute...
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Preschoolers Drink More Water
6 Ways To Encourage The Preschoolers Drink More Water (28/05/2021)

There is no doubt that all living beings need water to survive and have healthy growth. Parents who have toddlers at home would definitely...
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Sushi For Kids
Sushi For Kids – Easy Recipes You Can Easily Prepare For Your Little Ones (19/05/2021)

Sushi is a popular meal among kids for some good reasons. From lunches to your little one’s special birthday menu...
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Some Fabulous Playdate Activities for Kids
Some Fabulous Playdate Activities for Kids (19/05/2021)

Playdates provide an awesome opportunity for your kids to develop their social and communication skills and make new friends. In fact, you...
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Concentration Power ion Kids
How To Improve Concentration Power ion Kids (19/05/2021)

If you have kids at home, you must be knowing that for most kids, it is difficult to concentrate on a task for a long time. This is quite natural...
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Rice And Carrot Porridge For Kids
Rice And Carrot Porridge For Kids – Recipe And Its Benefits (29/04/2021)

If you have kids at home, you must know that making them eat nutritious foods is quite a tough job. Most parents are always looking for...
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Paper Craft Ideas
4 Amazing And Simple Paper Craft Ideas For Kids (29/04/2021)

Everyone these days is obsessed with technology, be it smart phones, computers, or televisions. Kids learn the most...
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Screen Time
Montessori Tips To Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time In The Smart Ways (21/04/2021)

During this pandemic situation when most of the children are at home along with their parents, it has been found that...
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Toddlers Navigate Their Emotions
4 Picture Books That Help Toddlers Navigate Their Emotions (21/04/2021)

They may be little, but toddlers and preschoolers sometimes experience several strong emotions. Once kids start going to...
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Summer Skincare Tips
Summer Skincare Tips For The Kids (25/03/2021)

Summertime means fun time. Summer is one of the most favorite seasons of children because there is so much outdoor fun...
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ABA Therapy and How Can It Help Your Child
What is the ABA Therapy and How Can It Help Your Child? (25/03/2021)

ABA is the abbreviation for Applied Behavioral Analysis, and it is the most commonly used treatment for children with...
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Montessori Classroom
How To Have A Great Year In Your Montessori Classroom: 3 Steps To Follow (25/03/2021)

Now that the COVID-19 vaccination program is running successfully, Montessori in Fullerton, CA, and others are getting...
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Picture Books
Picture Books every kid should Read to Know More about Seasons (25/03/2021)

Depending on how aware your kids are and where you live, your preschoolers may start noticing various changes around them...
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Developing Math Skills In Children
Importance Of Developing Math Skills In Children (09/03/2020)

The significance of early childhood education and its influence on future development, health, and well-being is widely...
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Reading With Prosody
Reading With Prosody – Why does it Matter for Children (19/02/2020)

Prosody refers to a wide range of expressions used when reading prose or poetry aloud. Prosody is the stress pattern, pause rhythm...
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Tackle A Nagging Child
How to Tackle A Nagging Child? (25/01/2020)

Nagging can be frustrating and annoying for both parents and the children and it can harm both parties. It is a learned behavior that children of any...
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Eat Vegetables
Encourage Your Children to Eat Vegetables (25/01/2020)

It is almost like a universal truth that children hate vegetables in every country. The primary factor behind this disliking may be the...
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Handle Stubborn Child
9 Easy Tips To Handle Stubborn Child (25/01/2020)

Dealing with a stubborn child is a challenging job for both parents and teachers. Parents feel troubled to do them to motivate to even the...
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Pediatric Vital Symptoms
Pediatric Vital Symptoms – What is Normal and What is Not (11/01/2020)

Vital signs of every human being are unique and very important as it determines the health quotient of an individual. The same goes...
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Montessori Tips for Parents
A Few Useful Montessori Tips for Parents (06/01/2021)

If you want to shape up your child’s future beautifully you must send him or her to a proper Montessori school where they offer...
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Get Jealous
Never Offer Too Much to Your Child So That They Get Jealous (22/12/2020)

Jealousy is a kind of negative emotion that is seen in children when they lack love as well as attention from...
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Handling Children with An Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (22/12/2020)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a kind of disease due to which the kids suffer from unwanted thoughts, feelings....
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Sibling Rivalry
Handling Children When They Are Having Sibling Rivalry (10/12/2020)

A very common thing about siblings is that they fight like snake and mongoose over trivial issues. These fights are....
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Kid With A Spoon
When To Start Feeding Your Kid With A Spoon? (03/12/2020)

Making your child learn how to feed himself or herself is necessary to make them independent, well-mannered, and....
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Healthy Bond With Your Child
Tips To Maintain A Healthy Bond With Your Child (02/12/2020)

According to Child Care La Mirada CA, spending quality time with your kid is as special as this bond is. The bond which the....
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Primanti Montessori Academy
How Your Child Will Get A New Direction At Primanti Montessori Academy (02/12/2020)

We at Primanti Montessori Academy have built up an environment where the passion to learn something new and grasp different....
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Feeding Therapy
What Is Feeding Therapy And Who All Could Benefit From It? (27/11/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler, then, most probably, you have experienced tough times getting him to eat what has served on....
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Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas
3 Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas for children (10/11/2020)

As Halloween is just around the corner, the excitement level in kids is super high and they are getting ready to party. This is....
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Recycle Old Crayons for Kids
3 Fun Ways to Recycle Old Crayons for Kids (05/11/2020)

Kids love drawing and coloring; and initially, they start their coloring practice using crayons. Nowadays most of the....
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Disciplining Your Toddler
Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler (21/10/2020)

For many mothers, doing effective discipline becomes difficult. Some people think of punishing their toddlers but that....
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teachers at preschools
Challenges faced by teachers at preschools (20/10/2020)

It might seem to you that becoming a preschool teacher might be very easy but it is actually not. If you evaluate....
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Sleep Train Toddlers And Big Kids
How To Sleep Train Toddlers And Big Kids? (09/10/2020)

One of the struggles and hardest parts for the toddlers and young kids are putting them to bed. As much as we older....
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 Super Delicious Tofu Recipes
3 Super Delicious Tofu Recipes For Kids (25/09/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler you must be wondering how to make a perfect diet plan for the little one. Their meal should....
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German Measles (Rubella) In Babies And Kids
German Measles (Rubella) In Babies And Kids (16/09/2020)

If you are a new parent, you will come across various complications while taking care of your newborn. As a baby’s immune....
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Craft Activities
Top 5 Art And Craft Activities You Can Do With Your Preschoolers (02/09/2020)

Due to the COVID_19 pandemic situation, everybody is stuck indoors and if you have a toddler at home, you must....
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Global Pandemic
Healthy Eating Tips For Kids During The Global Pandemic (26/08/2020)

The world is presently fighting against the worldwide epidemic of COVID_19 virus, and everyone must....
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Typhoid in babies
Main Symptoms, causes, and treatments of Typhoid in babies (18/08/2020)

Do you have a toddler at home? Then his physical and mental well being must be of your prime importance....
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Dandruff In Kids
How To Deal With Dandruff In Kids (11/08/2020)

If you have toddlers at home, at some point in time you may have notice dandruff in their head. Relax! Dandruff....
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Creative Grandparents Day Craft Ideas
Creative Grandparents Day Craft Ideas For Preschoolers (27/07/2020)

Grandparents bonding with their grandchildren is simply a treat to watch. Nowadays many preschools and....
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Parenting Plan And Why Do You Need It
What Is A Parenting Plan And Why Do You Need It (23/07/2020)

A parenting plan is a useful legal document for couples who are facing a divorce and has children. This document....
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School Interview Questions
Commonly Asked School Interview Questions For Parents (16/07/2020)

If you are parents of a toddler and he is slowly gradually taking his first step into the world of education....
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Early Learning Standards For Pre_Schoolers
What Are The Early Learning Standards For Pre_Schoolers (08/07/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler and he is going to start his preschool soon, you need to have a clear idea about....
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Homemade Playdough Recipes
4 Homemade Playdough Recipes (24/06/2020)

Children love playing with playdough. Although it is a simple messy play, you may find it surprising....
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celebrate Father’s Day
Fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day as a family (19/06/2020)

Father’s Day is a special day children always look forward to celebrating in June.Fathers....
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Snow_Plow parenting
Snow_Plow parenting and its signs (11/06/2020)

The dream of all parents is to see their children, who have just started their days....
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effective feedback to children
How can you give effective feedback to children (02/06/2020)

Feedback is an essential part of effective learning. It helps students understand the concepts being studied and....
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Benefits Pre_Schoolers
How Reading Benefits Pre_Schoolers (26/05/2020)

Reading is a great activity that allows one to be transported to another world of imagination where he will feel...
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spend time in Nature
Why kids need to spend time in Nature (20/05/2020)

Many 21st century parents are experiencing situations when their kids express a clear preference for sitting...
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Books Every Kid Should Read
The Books Every Kid Should Read (13/05/2020)

It is a known fact to all that reading is one of the most important fundamental skills children should develop to be...
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teach personal hygiene to your pre_schooler
How to teach personal hygiene to your pre_schooler (11/05/2020)

Good personal hygiene is important and if children can learn it at an early age it will be of great help for ...
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Internet safety tips
Internet safety tips for kids (27/04/2020)

The Quarantine of the coronavirus, a period of isolation recommended by the health agencies, is keeping children away from...
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Bathroom Safety Tips
Bathroom Safety Tips For Kids (24/04/2020)

If you have toddlers at home, you will agree that the bathroom is hub of activity for families like yours. Whether they are...
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Activities to introduce letters
Activities to introduce letters to kids (21/04/2020)

If your toddler is around the age of 2, then you may notice that he is taking interest in learning the letters of the alphabet. But...
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Easy and creative newspaper craft ideas
Easy and creative newspaper craft ideas for kids (21/04/2020)

During this quarantine period, when kids are not able to take part in any outdoor activities, you must be always looking for something...
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problem solving skills
How to teach problem solving skills to your kids (30/03/2020)

Kids of all ages face problems and challenges daily. Parents and teachers will not be always there to solve they...
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Corona Virus Outbreak
Precautions to Be Taken at The Corona Virus Outbreak (25/03/2020)

Nowadays, news of coronavirus (COVID_19) is everywhere, from the front page of all the newspapers to the breakfast...
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Body Odor in Kids
Body Odor in Kids: Is It Normal or Something to Worry About (17/03/2020)

Sweat and body odor go hand in hand in adults since it is produced due to the bacterial breakdown of sweat. Body odor in children is also...
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Reading Comic Books
Benefits of reading Comic Books (12/03/2020)

Everyone knows that kids love animals. It is common for children to ask their parents for an animal. If you are a parent who is planning to bring a pet for your...
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kids in their growing up years
How pets help kids in their growing up years (03/03/2020)

Everyone knows that kids love animals. It is common for children to ask their parents for an animal. If you are a parent who is planning to bring a pet for your...
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ones busy on a rainy day
How to keep your little ones busy on a rainy day (21/02/2020)

Some unexpected weather forecasts like snowfall or rain can leave kids feeling restless while stuck indoors. If you are out of ideas about how to keep your...
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bedtime stories
Benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids (21/02/2020)

Between cuddling with your kiddos and reading their favorite bedtime stories to them, have you ever wondered why it is beneficial to read books to children?...
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Conjunctivitis in children
Conjunctivitis in children – causes, symptoms and some remedies (11/02/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler, you must be aware of the fact that conjunctivitis is a common eye infection among children. It is often called as pinkeye...
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Iron deficiency in kids
What are the causes, symptoms and treatments of Iron deficiency in kids (06/02/2020)

Iron deficiency or anemia is one of the most common health issues found in children. It affects toddlers’...
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School Activities for Toddlers
Awesome Back to School Activities for Toddlers (24/01/2020)

Back to school activities are very important for toddlers as at the beginning of the academic year the prime focus should be on building a relationship...
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Child to Adjust in Preschool
How to Help Your Child to Adjust in Preschool? (16/01/2020)

A preschool is a great place for toddlers to interact with other kids and learn some valuable life skills like sharing, caring, being patient and...
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Movies Inspire Kids in Positive Ways
How Movies Inspire Kids in Positive Ways (08/01/2020)

Do you know, in today’s world, the most important part of parenting is to inspire kids to grow up as an independent individual? In different ways...
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Games to Keep the Kids Active
Awesome Games to Keep the Kids Active (08/01/2020)

You get back home and discover youthful Johnny and little Susie's faces put on the TV screen once more, annihilating whole...
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Qualities of a Good Special Educator
What Are the Qualities of a Good Special Educator? (08/01/2020)

Do you know that special educators play a very important role in Preschool Whittier CA? They provide instructions and support which...
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firstborn to welcome his sibling
How to prepare your firstborn to welcome his sibling (30/12/2019)

If you are a parent of a toddler and expecting your second child, you must be feeling excited and nervous at the same...
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Preschool To Kindergarten
Preschool To Kindergarten: 3 Steps That Will Help Your Child (26/12/2019)

If your child is more than three years old, then in the next year, when the academic session starts, he will be going...
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Parent Interview At The Preschool
Tips To Ace That Parent Interview At The Preschool Of Your Choice (17/12/2019)

In today’s world, you must put your child in the best Montessori La Habra CA so that he or she can have a great start...
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child to develop
Some healthy habits you would like your child to develop (06/12/2019)

Do you know good habits help in building the character of children? As parents, it is very important to inculcate some...
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healthy eating habits
Tips to develop healthy eating habits in your toddler (20/15/2019)

Are you parents of a squirmy, distracted toddler who is a fussy eater and has started going to Montessori Whittier CA?...
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Playing Is Important In Childhood
Why Playing Is Important In Childhood? (11/15/2019)

Since upbringing and rearing a child to ensure a secured childhood for the betterment of its future is not only...
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negative words
Why you should not use negative words in front of kids? (11/08/2019)

This is important for the children to develop a secure and healthy childhood in terms of physical and mental...
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Pre_Schooler’s Halloween Party
10 Snacks To Make For Your Pre_Schooler’s Halloween Party (10/24/2019)

Just a week or so left for Halloween and your pre_schooler going to his childcare Whittier CA must be looking...
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Kids During Winter For Preschool
Tips On Dressing Your Kids During Winter For Preschool (10/24/2019)

Children and winterwear often don’t go together. No matter how well you bundle, something or other comes off...
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Sensitive Child
How To Raise A Sensitive Child To Cope Up In This Less_Sensitive World (10/17/2019)

As an adult, it is very tough for us to understand the impact of the transformation when the kids first enroll....
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Make Friends At Montessori
How To Encourage Your Kids To Make Friends At Montessori (09/30/2019)

As an adult, it is very tough for us to understand the impact of the transformation when the kids first enroll....
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Kids Feel Comfortable
Why Do The Kids Feel Comfortable To Follow The Routine (09/25/2019)

There are many parents who visit the Montessori Fullerton, CA complain that their kids go cranky when they are diverted ....
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Transit In The Preschool
How You Can Help Your Child To Transit In The Preschool (09/16/2019)

To select the best Montessori in La Habra CA, you may have done numerous steps. You may have to do lots of research, call several....
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Discipline Your Toddler
When And How To Discipline Your Toddler : 5 Tips (09/16/2019)

Raising a child is a very delicate job and first_time parents constantly double_check themselves on the question whether they are raising....
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Nutritious Lunch Box
How To Pack A Nutritious Lunch Box For Your Pre_schooler : 6 Ideas! (09/02/2019)

With the schools opening, one of the things that most parents dread is making healthy lunch box items. This is most....
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School Morning Routine For Kids
Tips For You To Set Back To School Morning Routine For Kids (08/26/2019)

It is very common that during the summer break we push our bedtime a little further and relax all the house rules....
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Motor Skill Through Art and Crafts in Montessori_Inspired Ways
Help Your Child to Grow the Fine Motor Skill Through Art and Crafts in Montessori_Inspired Ways (08/16/2019)

Do you know through art you can project the fine motor skill of your child at a very early....
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Maintain Hygiene In Daily Life
Ultimate Guide For Your Preschooler To Maintain Hygiene In Daily Life (08/08/2019)

Being a parent, it is among your basic duty to maintain the basic hygiene of your kids to ensure their safety....
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Benefits of Montessori Curriculum
Check Out the Benefits of Montessori Curriculum for Working Parents (07/29/2019)

The challenges of working parents have doubled up when their kids become eligible for the preschool. If you are one of them, then you should...
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Parents of Montessori School
What you Should Know as The Parents of Montessori School (07/25/2019)

Do you know the Montessori way of teaching was developed a century ago? In Italy, the first female physician...
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Traditional Teaching Method
Why Montessori Is A Winner Over Traditional Teaching Method (07/19/2019)

The Montessori teaching method was invented more than a century ago when the education system was...
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Prepare Your Child For Montessori School
Best Tips To Prepare Your Child For Montessori School (07/15/2019)

When you start the journey of parenthood, there are lots of new things that you will feel eventually. Every...
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