6 Ways To Encourage The Preschoolers Drink More Water

There is no doubt that all living beings need water to survive and have healthy growth. Parents who have toddlers at home would definitely agree that getting kids to drink their recommended daily amount of water is quite tough. Human bodies lose water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, so it is absolutely important for kids as well adults to drink sufficient water to stay healthy and energized. Here Montessori teachers have shared some easy-to-follow tips to encourage your kids to drink enough water.

  1. Keep Water Readily Available : If water is the only drink that is readily available they are more likely to drink it frequently. During meal times, make sure to keep one glass of water within their reach or try to keep one bottle filled whenever they are on the go. In fact, you can train them to fill their water bottle by themselves, this would definitely encourage them to feel responsible and drink water.
  2. Include Lots of Fruits and Vegetables in their Diet : If your kids do not want to drink much water, try including more fruits and vegetables into their regular diet. Consuming fruits and vegetables is a great way to sneak in extra hydration during their mealtime. Strawberries, baby carrots, watermelons are a few child-friendly options you can start with.
  3. Buy Sippy Water Bottles with Fun Straws : In La Habra CA, playschools teachers always encourage kids to be independent even when they are drinking water or eating their snacks. You can use this to your advantage and ask them to pick out their sippy water bottles whenever they feel thirsty and drink from them. You can even buy some colorful, twisty straws for your little ones. Once they develop a sense of ownership, make it clear that they use the cup and straws only for drinking water.
  4. Add Some Flavor : Kids often say ‘no’ to water because of its neutral taste. This can easily be solved by infusing some delicious fruits or vegetables into their water. You can start with lemons or berries. Adding fruits or veggies will give the drink a flavored taste that they would like to explore. You can even ask your kids to fill the water bottle and add their favorite fruits or vegetables to it. Once they are involved in the process, they will feel more enthusiastic to drink that water.
  5. Knowing the Importance of Water : Just telling them to drink water or running behind them with a bottle of water may not always help you achieve the desired goal. Instead, you talk to them, read books to make them understand the importance of water. How water helps all living beings to stay healthy. Once they understand the crux of the matter, you do not have to remind them to drink water.
  6. Be a Role Model : Montessori teachers always suggest parents be the role model in front of the kids. Parents and teachers always need to practice what they preach. So, you also start drinking plenty of water, they will start imitating you in no time. Whenever they drink water appreciate them and if possible give them a target to achieve.